Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Style Arc Flat Bottom Flo Floral Knit Pants

I hate the name of this pattern - Flat Bottom Flo. It makes me cringe just to type it. But I do like the finished pants which (unfortunately - ha, ha) fit me rather well.
 This is second pair of FBF pants I've sewn. The first was sewn from a solid color knit from FabricMartFabrics described as a scuba knit. The finished pants were fine, just a bit too large.  They found a home with a family member who looked fabulous in them.

 When I placed the pattern order, I was having a "I've gained weight and am not sure what size to sew/order" moment and ordered a size larger than I probably should have.  The pants fit well, but I find myself constantly pulling them up and there is a more ease than I'd like. And this from someone who really dislikes wearing tight clothing.

The fabric on this pair is a fabulous floral knit that I purchased at Colorado Fabrics (formally known as Denver Fabrics) in September 2014 when I happened to be in vacationing in the area.  I think it's a scuba knit but the hand is softer than the fabric I purchased from FabricMartFabrics.  

The design has a back yoke, elastic waist and the side seams are moved to the front.

Here you can see the front side seams  (where the fabric design appears to repeat).
The elastic is stitched in place on the inside of the waistband before the band is attached to the pants.
The back yoke on the pants.

They're really fun to wear. And so comfy! Even though they are not as tight as I would have liked, I find myself reaching for them frequently. After all, I want to wear them as much as I can this season because floral knit pants may look pretty dated by next summer!


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  1. I like them! Not the name so much, but hey....Benedict Cumberbatch doesn't SOUND cute either....

  2. They look pretty good to me and the print works great too!

  3. I'm with you in cringing at the name but it's truth in advertising, I guess! They look terrific on you, "flat" bottom and all.

  4. I have to agree that I don't like the name, but unfortunately the name fits what my bottom looks like now! Really cute pants, like the floral print.

    1. Oh Linda, I know! No matter how much I exercise that area remains flat, LOL.

  5. Oh love these, very feminine.

  6. I like the pants in the floral print. I need a flat bottom pant pattern as my former fuller bum as now deflated with age!

    Happy New Year!



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