Saturday, March 21, 2015

McCall's 6841 - Draped Cowlneck Knit Top

I can see that I am so much better at documenting my sewing projects via Instagram than I am on this blog. According to my Instagram feed, I finished sewing this McCall's 6841 knit top in November. 
Actually I had sewn a version out of a shiny green knit about a year earlier, but decided I didn't like the color and never wore it or mentioned it online.

This fabric - a colorful, super soft rayon knit - had been in my stash for a few years. I originally planned to sew a summer knit dress using McCall's 6519, but honestly I have soooo many summer knit dresses that I would not have worn it often in our short summer season.

Instead I sewed this drape front knit top knowing that I could wear it to work with dress pants or just for kicking around with jeans.

I thought I would get more wear out of it than I have. Since November I've only worn it half a dozen times. One of those times when I gathered with girlfriends during the holiday to make truffles (yummy!) followed by a dinner and drinks and delicious conversation.

The only alteration I made to the pattern was to lengthen the sleeves slightly.  It's cold where I live!  I still ended up wearing a cami underneath it for added warmth.  I sewed a straight small in the shoulder/neck area tapering to a medium for the balance.  At the time I sewed this I had put on about ten pounds and it fit a bit loosely but not too bad. I've been working on dropping those extra pounds and today, with a few extra pounds gone,  I find this to fit looser than I'd like. 
 I will sew this again and plan on making a black one to wear with my Sandra Betzina skirt, Vogue 1292.

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  1. Hello from Spain: I really like your shirt. Great look. Very trendy. Fabulous pics. Keep in touch.

  2. I really like this- is it not getting more wear cuz it feels like a statement piece or are you like me and sew things that only match jeans or black pants sometimes?

    1. Thanks! Good question - I think I do tend to sew things that go with black pants and jeans, LOL. But this top I've also worn with brown and purple pants -:-) It's too loose in the hip area, which is why I'm not wearing it much. I need to just take some time to alter it a bit.

  3. Oh I have made this one several times, I just love how forgiving it is. And I love your print option. Thanks for sharing.

    1. yes! I love how forgiving it is also! I'll be sewing this again a few more times myself.



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