Monday, February 24, 2014

Easy Barbie Skirt Tutorial - how to sew a panel skirt for 11-1/2 doll like Barbie(r)

Learn how to sew a doll skirt to fit 11-1/2" doll like Barbie (r)

As promised when I posted the tutorial for the 18" doll skirt, here are the instructions to sew this same skirt Barbie(r) size!

This 11-1/2" fashion doll skirt is so easy to sew, a great way to use scraps and perfect for a beginning seamstress. You could even stitch the seams by hand if no machine is available. 

Materials needed:
  • Six 4" x 2-1/2" fabric pieces. 
  • One 10" x 2" fabric piece.
  • One 4" piece of 1/8" elastic.
  • Coordinating thread. 
Let's get started  
  • Step 1:  Cut your fabric: Six 4" x 2-1/2" rectangles and one 10" x 2" rectangle.  My sample used three coordinating polka dot prints for the panel and a contrast color for the bottom band.

  • Step 2: Using a 1/4" seam allowance, with wrong sides facing stitch the six rectangles together along the 5-1/2" side; leave one end unsewn.  Press the seams open or towards the darker fabric.

  •   Step 3: Fold the 18" x 4" rectangle in half lengthwise with wrong sides facing; press.  

  •  Step 4: Place the raw edge of the folded rectangle along the bottom raw edge of the skirt; pin.  Stitch using a 1/4" seam allowance. Press seam toward the skirt. If desired, on the right side of the skirt topstitch the seam allowance in place.
  • Step 5: Fold the upper raw edge of the skirt 1/4" toward the wrong side; press.

  • Step 6: Fold again 1/2" toward the wrong side; press.  Stitch close to the first fold creating a casing for the elastic.  (If you prefer fold again 1/4" toward the wrong side for a narrower casing.)

  • Step 7: Cut a 4" piece of 1/8" elastic.
  • Step 8: Place a safety pin on one end of the elastic and thread the elastic through the casing.
  • Step 9:  Be sure to secure the elastic at each end of the casing with a pin.

  •  Step 10: Stitch through all layers on each end of the skirt to secure the elastic.
  • Step 11: To stitch the last seam, place the remaining skirt edges wrong sides together; pin. Stitch using a 1/4" seam allowance being sure to catch the elastic in the seam.  If desired finish the seam with a zig-zag stitch or stitch a second row 1/8" away.

  •  Step 12: Turn skirt right side out. Place on doll. Admire your work. 

If you enjoy sewing doll clothes, be sure to check out the tutorials-doll clothing tab for more doll fashions as well as tips for sewing itty-bitty clothing.  

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  1. You say to connect the 5 1/2 pieces together. I think that would fir an 18" doll1// If this pattern is for Barbie as advertise, it should be the 2 1/2" side. The 18"x4" is too long also. I think you meant the 10"x2" panel. Can't wait to make this with all of my stash. Thanks for the idea. NOrma



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