Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend sewing - two strikes and a home run

All week I've been busy, busy, busy, but not sewing, sewing, sewing.

Until Friday night that is.  Even though Friday night is supposed to be our date night, hubby rented a movie I had no desire to watch at all.  And trust me, he knew I wouldn't want to see this one. By mutual agreement we rescheduled date night and did our own thing.  He watched the movie while I retreated to the sewing studio to being work on The Sew Weekly challenge. 

This week it's buttons.

"Hey, no problem!" I think to myself.  "I have a fancy-schmancy sewing machine that makes mah-va-lous buttonholes."  (It's a Pfaff 2056 in case you're wondering)

Except my machine's in the shop - oops!  That means I would have to rely on my Elna 8000.  Which doesn't make such great buttonholes.

No  problem! I'll forge ahead.  I sewed for years without a machine that made automatic buttonholes, surely I could do it this time.

Now the only dilemma was to choose a project I could whip out quickly.

Aha!  I have a few projects cut out and set aside from last winter. Perfect!

I pulled out a lovely little jacket from Burda Style Aug. 2010.  It's number 115.  I even cut it out in fabric of a similar purple shade.   It only has one button, but the challenge didn't specify how many buttons and buttonholes needed to be done.

I sewed, sewed, sewed and once the sleeves were in I could hold back no longer. I eagerly tried it on envisioning which top and skirt I'd pair it with when I first wore it.

Aaaagh!  It's too small!  Silly, silly girl.  I cut it out last year but made no alterations to the pattern - as in no full bust alteration (FBA). Which you all know this girl almost always needs an FBA, especially in a fitted jacket. 

Drat!  No use even trying to save this one as that fabric's long gone.  Strike number one.

No problem.  I have another garment cut out and ready to sew.   A blouse from Burda 7891.  A quick check confirmed I had made the needed pattern adjustment before cutting out the blouse.  Hmmm, not so crazy about the white fabric I choose but I'm sure it'll be fine. 

On Saturday I sewed, sewed, sewed making beautiful tiny hems on that flounced neckline.  As I was preparing to begin the sleeves I suddenly stopped.  Something wasn't right.  Noooooo!  It can't be!  For some reason I never cut out the sleeve - and trust me, the extra fabric used for the blouse is long gone.  Strike number two.

Panic is now setting in as I only have a few hours on Sunday to work on my challenge project.   Well, okay, not really panic because the world won't end if I don't finish a garment in time for The Sew Weekly.

Hmmmm, what to sew?  Something with a button and buttonhole.  Something fast.

And that, dear readers, is when I hit my home run.  I only used sewed one buttonhole, but I made it bound buttonhole.

Until it's revealed on The Sew Weekly I won't be sharing the entire project.

But soon, very soon, I'll share it with you.

How was your weekend sewing?
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  1. Oh, that is so sad about the purple jacket and white blouse! I feel your pain... But, so glad to hear about the mysterious home run that has evened everything out!

    1. I know Ann. I hate wasting time (and money) but oh well. At least I managed to sew something fun this weekend!

  2. At least you managed to achieve something. Can't wait till your mystery is revealed. Too bad about the losses!

    1. I was feeling the same way, Irene. At least I finished something!

  3. Sorry about your jacket fit, it's so cute too. Congrats on your buttonhole too.

    1. Thanks Faye! Just goes to show that I shouldn't hold myself back from what I remember about a non-perfect sewing procedure that happened ten years ago, LOL

  4. Oh, too bad about the 2 strikes...I was going to suggest wearing a sports bra with the little jacket. Just moosh yourself in there! My sewing this weekend revolved entirely around a muslin for the Minoru jacket by Sewaholic. I am interested to see what the final result will be after I adjusted, altered, pinned, ripped, is such a cute pattern and I hope to make something wearable and cute and comfy for riding and dog walking.

    1. Oooooo, the Minoru Jacket from Sewaholic! Nice! I wanted to do that sew-along but knew I had too much right now. I can't wait to see what you do with the pattern.

  5. I'm glad you kept trying. This week will be better:$

  6. Couldn't you maybe make the blouse into a sleeveless? Just wondering? I don't usually wear them myself... but you know... it would mean that you could still finish it and not make it into a UFO! (Unfinished Fabric Object)

  7. That's a good looking jacket too. Gorgeous photos



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