Monday, May 30, 2011

What color goes with gray skies?

Why orange of course. 

A bright orange pencil skirt with a small ruffle at the hemline. The perfect pick-me-up for the dreary spring we've been experiencing.

The pattern is Simplicity 2343, a "6 made easy" design.

Basically it's a pencil skirt with a few different design details.

Watch the length on this one - a few views are rather short.

I used the longer view with the kick-pleat. That lower ruffle is designed to be one continuous circular piece that is gathered and sewn to the hem of the shorter skirt. Obviously with a kick pleat that wasn't going to work so I simply cut the ruffle at the center back, finished it with a narrow hem and matched the back edge to the finished back opening of the kick pleat.

As my usual MO I inserted an invisible zipper.   I almost had to go with the ole' centered zipper application as I didn't think I had an invisible orange zipper in my stash.  Whew! Found one - expect it was way too long.  I added a bartack where I wanted it to end and snipped the rest of it off.  What do you do? 

This skirt's also lined - as are most of the skirts I sew as work attire.  I was going to just cut just one front and back skirt piece by overlapping the side panels pieces onto the skirt pieces.

That's when I had one of those "duh" moments.

The pieces couldn't be overlapped due to the slight curved seam  needed in place the pleats and darts. Yes, I could have added a dart and still cut the front and back lining pieces as one, but I choose to just cut and sew the lining just as I did the skirt.

Full pattern review can be read here

While the fabric says winter - lightweight wool (Fabric Mart Fabrics - where else?) the color is definitely spring/summer.

Now if the weather would only cooperate...

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  1. Sweet! This girly, feminine skirt is definitely YOU! What will you wear with it?

  2. How can you be anything but happy wearing this colour? Love the ruffle!

  3. Great color. I just love orange/coral. Pair it with pale blue, or brown and hot pink, really cute style.

    I keep thinking....any day now....any day now.......we should get a weekend with temps over 60, and a tornado free weekend and minus the rain......any day now.......any day now.......

  4. Cute! Great colour.

  5. I love this skirt, especially the ruffles!

  6. Beautiful color! I looooove the ruffles on the bottom. I know your pain about the weather, Boston just switched over to Spring, but for a while there I didn't know if the Sun still existed.

    I also reiterate gwensews' comment.. I'd love to see what you pair with this wonderful color.

  7. I like orange! :)
    And the skirt are just simply fresh!
    nice to know your blog anyway..


  8. I like the color! Would like to see what you wear it with and style! I just cut the zip and sew a few stitches to hold it. You use the narrow hem foot? I thought I was using mine alright; then after I washed the dress the ruffle all frayed! Out came the fraycheck! It only appeared that the hem was double folded but it wasnt. Maybe those hemmer feets just cant be used with mid weight cotton?

  9. What a great skirt - love the color!



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