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Angles, Folds and Plaids - Asymmetrical skirt from Stitch 2008

In 2008 a new sewing magazine -   Stitch - hit the stands. If you knew my weakness for magazines you would understand why I had to purchase a copy.Well, that and the fact that the cover skirt looked rather intriguing.  I mean, look at the great design details. Asymmetrical lines, contrasting facing peeking out, fabric folded and held in place with buttons.

Within days of bringing the magazine home I had traced out the skirt pattern.

My eagerness to sew the skirt faded as newer patterns and projects cut in line ahead of the this skirt. Now, more than two years later I finally remembered this skirt and got down to some sewing.

I'm liking the subtle plaid fabric with black for the facings and buttons, keeping it more suitable for the office. I'm also liking the angles and folds on the side front of the skirt.

But I gotta tell ya, it's got an odd fit this one.  I thought it was designed to sit at the waist so I cut and sewed it just as drafted.  But once I was finished sewing and tried the skirt on I discovered it definitely does not fit properly at the waistline.

That caused me to look closer at the version the model is wearing. It looks like it's supposed to sit below the waist.  That's not the look I want so I'm going to undo the facings and side seams and do some fit adjustments.

Other than that I'm thinking it's unique enough to enjoy wearing to work and not so unique as to raise eyebrows. Not to say that I have anything against wearing things that might raise an eyebrow or two - just not in my conservative work environment, you know what I mean?

Sewing wise it was pretty quick to put together as there are only three main pattern pieces (left front, right front and back) as well as the facing. Plus it's unlined. The entire waist and front openings of this wrap skirt are finished with wide facing - about four inches or so.  The folds in the center front are held in place by sewing the buttonholes through all of the layers.

Whaddya think?  Did any of you sew this one? Did you run into the same fitting issue I did?

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  1. I'm so glad you are trying this skirt out. I had the exact same problem when I made it up a couple years ago and as I hadn't quite acquired the skills yet to make it work, I ended up with a wadder. But if you are successful, I might be inspired to give it another try because that pattern is the reason I bought the magazine too! I LOVE your choice of fabric, and would likely try something similar since I also work in a very conservative field. Keep us posted! Can't wait to see the final result!

  2. Always admired the skirt but never made it. Yours is beautiful, good luck with the fitting adjustments.

  3. I love it! It's pleasantly unique. Good luck getting a good fit!

  4. OMG-it is darling.
    I wear many skirts and the more the variation- the merrier!

  5. I also bought this issue just for that skirt. I haven't made it yet as I will have to grade it up to fit me and there are other skirt patterns I like better, so it's way down in the queue....I still look at the magazine every so often and dream about what fabric I would use....

  6. I too, have that particular magazine. I think your skirt is fabulous. Love the plaid!

  7. I never tried to make this skirt or bought an issue of this magazine. But, I'm compelled to comment. If you don't have the right waistline for this skirt I would definitely alter it. The way it hangs off the waist is made for a very flat body. I do thing it has some very cute architectual flair but it's definitely not for every body.

    I do like your fabric. Very good choice.

    Good Luck and Be Encouraged! I would love to see your final result!

  8. I LOVE this skirt, I have made it five times, and I even made matching versions for a family reunion for me and my sisters. Totally cute.

    I like to line the entire thing rather than use facings.It makes it feel more substantial for work-wear, plus I think it is just easier than finishing and tacking down facings.

    I think it is very flattering on a plus-size or fuller figure, as well as on a more standard figure. The wrap allows you to place the buttons where they fit you best, and the gentle gathers across the front from the pleats are a great optical illusion. The one fit issue I have struggled with is the hips... I have a wide waist and narrow hips and a flat behind, so the skirt collapse a bit along the side seems more than the model's. I would like to try to get the flair of the skirt to spread out more, and I wonder if some interfacing or stiffness in the hem would help.

    Check out my version below. I like your plaid version and wish everyone the best of luck with this skirt. I think it's a winner!

    The velvet version (my favorite):

    The Fall version:

    The upholstery version:

    The matching sisters version:

    And I also made it in a light blue with yellow lining just like the Stitch cover models (even my buttons match!), but I have not photographed it yet.

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  10. I also bought the magazine in a digital version... but the pattern is not included. Any chances somebody could help me trace it out? I have the diagrams from the magazine that I could enlarge. I simply need to know the exact waist, lenght, sweep, etc.

  11. Sewing Princess - can't reply directly to you thru the blog comments as your email address isn't include. Would you email me (sewingbysharon at gmail dot com) with your email address?

  12. I just bought this printed pattern at the fabric store. Thanks for the heads up about the low waist fit.



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