Sunday, October 31, 2010

An uplifting day filled with "firsts"

Yesterday was a day devoted to sewing. Nine to five sewing. Not so unusual in our world, right?

Ah, but it was unusual for me. This was a day devoted to sewing something I had never, ever attempted to sew before.


The truth was I was a bit intimidated by something that appeared to be difficult to sew.

The first first

What did I sew you ask? Why, a simple little bra.

Those of you that have sewn these before are now falling over with laughter because you know how easy they are to construct. Those of you that have yet to construct one, rest assured, they are so much easier to make than you might think.

Sewing a bra was my first first.

The second first

Not only did I sew my first bra, I spent the day sewing bras with 20 other women. I had never, ever spent a day sewing with one other person let alone an entire room!

Sewing with others was my second first.

The third first

The workshop took place at the Textile Center. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I live so close to this wonderful facility and have never, ever stepped foot inside. I avoided visiting it because I was unfamiliar with that part of Minneapolis and with no dedicated parking lot I was unsure where to park. Parking still sucks but at least I now know some options.

Visiting the Textile Center was my third first.

The fourth first

With 20 other sewers filling the room it was pretty easy to find common ground. I really think overall sewers are an incredibly friendly group of people. But you all know that already don't you?

I shared a lot of laughs with the four ladies I sat next to. I think it's impossible not to when you're all sewing bras together. And the instructors are flashing ... well, more on that when I write about the workshop.

Guess what? I now have some local sewing buddies! Yes! Did you read that? Local. Sewing. Buddies.

And we're going to plan a day to make duct tape dummies together! Yes! Super excited here.

Finding local sewing buddies to make a duct tape dummy was my fourth first.

The bra-sewing workshop was put on my our local American Sewing Guild. While it cost a bit of money I'm thankful I was able to find the finances to attend. I'm still digesting all the information I learned and will share more about the workshop in a few days.

It was indeed an uplifting many ways.

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  1. What a fun day! I"m pretty jealous, since I have NO ONE near me that sews (quilt yes, sew clothing? no.) Good for you too, for getting out of your comfort zone.

  2. Glad you had such a good time AND that you've found some local sewing buddies!

  3. What great firsts and glad you had such a wonderful time and real life sewing buddies enjoy.

  4. What a fun day of firsts!

  5. There's nothing like sewing company. Glad you had such a great time.

  6. Sounds like you had a fabulous time. Can't wait to see the bra!!

  7. Sounds like such a fun day for you and many others. Sewing buddies, wonderful. Plus, you spent time with my friend, Anne.

  8. Cool! I have not made a bra either, maybe with a sewing group I would like to try. Glad you met some new sewing buddies.

  9. So happy for you! I hope to find local sewing buddies some day too. You've encouraged me. Glad you braved the parking issue and had fun participating.

  10. I'm so glad you had a great time. Sewing with a group is so much fun - it's why I always try to attend the retreats my ASG puts on - well worth the $$$.

    Can't wait to see your new bra (I still haven't finished ming - and I took the class back in May!!). g

  11. I'm glad you had a wonderful time! Is this the sewing event you mentioned a while back that you weren't sure you wanted to go to because you didn't know anyone else who sews that could go with you? If so, I'm even more happy you went and found new friends in the process.

  12. What a great day. I'm envious that you have found some close-by sewing buddies.

  13. Terry M9:05 AM

    Here's another first - my first time commenting on a blog! Thanks for your encouragement about that. I am also thrilled to have made some connections with local sewing buddies. It was a GREAT day!

  14. Patti4:30 PM

    It was fabulous meeting you! I Had a great time and can't express how exciting it was for me, also, to meet others that enjoy sewing. I'm looking forward to seeing you when we do our dummies!! Thank you, for all that you share.

  15. Good for you, Sharon! What an "uplifting" day, for sure! It's so fun to spend time with others of like mindedness.

  16. Sounds like a great time! I found a local group of crochet buddies through meet-up. I LOVE them! Local crafters are always a great time!

  17. That sounds like a great workshop, Sharon. I trust you will not be modeling your wares for us!

  18. Sharon, I'm glad you've discovered the Textile Center. It was a long time coming (many Twin Cities guilds support it) and a fabulous resource. I see my friend Jeanne in your picture. Anne St. Clair is one of the best teachers I've ever had and I'm glad the ASG had a workshop you could enjoy and use. Emmy in Minnestrista



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