Friday, October 23, 2009

How to increase your fabric stash in 45 minutes or less

We just got back in town from a little road trip to Branson, Lee's Summit and Kansas City, MO - the reason for the self-imposed blog/email/facebook break. (By the way, not only was it refreshing to be unconnected, it forced me to not do any work while on vacation.)

With today still an official vacation day I decided it was time for my annual visit my favorite fabric warehouse, SR Harris. It's located in a business district in a non-descript building. From the outside it doesn't look too promising does it? But wait until you enter the doors.

That's where you'll find rows of fabric and trims stacked on industrial strength shelving units. Here's the view from the end of one row.

Here's the view moving back a few rows. You get giddy just wandering through the aisles, touching the fabrics and dreaming of the possibilities.

With my husband sitting in the car waiting for me, I was on a time crunch. I headed straight for the apparel fabrics - in particular the wool suitings - and managed to add another 25 yards to my fabric stash in less than 45 minutes. With more time I couldn't have added quite a bit more - like silks and ultra suede - but for now that purchase will keep me plenty busy.

So what came home with me?

Top to bottom:
  • black lightweight wool,
  • black with white pinstripe wool blend,
  • deep purple wool crepe,
  • red wool lycra blend,
  • orange lightweight wool,
  • brown animal print novelty knit,
  • white cotton lycra shirting (sure which I had purchased more of this as it's the perfect shirt weight fabric),
  • blue stripe wool jersey,
  • grey poly/rayon stretch woven (Tahari),
  • multi color poly knit,
  • vibrant berry slinky knit,
  • black and white stretch woven
Investigating the pile is the little nosey white Maltese, Sophia. I'm sure she was just checking to see if there was a new toy for her somewhere in that pile.

Of course now that I'm looking at the purchases, I just realized I forgot to look for faux fur. Looks like another trip coming up.

The first half is already in the dryer. Now my only dilema is to decide which to sew first. Pin It


  1. Is this place Heaven on Earth , or what!?

  2. Oooooooh! You have a lot of new things to dream on! Have fun and make beautiful things.

  3. And what a wonderful dilemmia that is! Oh I need to come visit you so that you can take me there! - says the unrepentant fabricaholic!

  4. WOW!!! You really racked up. I just love Malteses.

  5. 25 minutes? That seems like cruel and unusual punishment to me! Glad you found some goodies!

  6. Oh wow, what an incredible place. How fun and what great finds.

  7. LOL Sharon! I cannot be surprised you were stash shopping the day after you get home--you're positively hopeless. I love you, you made my week, you know. Well, Brian, too, he's definitely a treasure. xoxo

  8. I love your fabric choices - that looks like a fabulous store. I don't think I could have confined myself to 45 minutes - my DH would have had to drag me out screaming! I bet you're going to be making some beautiful things out of that lovely looking pile.

  9. Is the fabric store near where you live or was it along your travels?

  10. This particular store is located in Minnesota - in suburb just north of Minneapolis.

  11. Oh my goodness! That store looks amazing, as does your pile of fabric!! I am seriously jealous!!

  12. I am drooling all over my monitor. So much fabric to choose from!!!! You did great for a 45 minute shopping spree. Love all the fabrics you acquired.



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