Monday, February 23, 2009

A new blouse - Simplicity 3684 Threads Magazine Collection pattern

After sewing the fun BWOF skirt (blogged about here) I realized there was a striped shirting fabric hiding in my closet with the exact blue of the skirt that would look great in a button front shirt.

The end result is a bit more casual than what I usually wear, but it's good to try new things right?

Simplicity 3684 blouse copyright Sharon MadsenThe shirt is sewn from Simplicity 3684. It's not only one of the Threads Magazine Collection designs, but it's one of Simplicity's B,C,D cup size patterns. Which means no fiddling around with an FBA. Which means more time for sewing.

The pattern includes a bib front version as well as a button front version. There is a separate front band as well as a separate collar stand for the collar. Both take a bit more time to sew but, in my opinion, are well worth the extra time.

The shirt can be sewn tunic length with side hem slits or shorter with a curved shirt hem. The darts in both the front and back combined with the curve side seam of the pattern result in a nicely shaped button front shirt that looks just as good untucked.

Simplicity 3684 blouse sewing by Sharon Madsen copyright 2009The pattern also offers a variety of sleeve options. I choose to use the sleeve from view D with one minor change. I lengthened the pattern so the sleeves are now full-length rather than three-quarter length.

And little did I realize, but the bottom of the sleeves are not gathered. They are pleated. Nineteen little pleats. Oh yea, you read that right. 19 little pleats. Go ahead - count 'em.

Simplicity 3684 sleeve pattern sewing by Sharon Madsen copyright 2009
The fabric - a silk woven stripe purchased from (all together now) Fabric Mart Fabrics - was so easy to sew with and the even stripes made matching fairly simple. I had forgotten that it was silk and marked "dry clean only" and had tossed it into the washer and dryer to preshrink it. Fortunately, it washed and dried just fine. I'll just need to remember to wash the shirt using cold water and a delicate cycle/

My favorite part of the shirt? The smooth collar stand where it meets the shirt band. I finally have that technique mastered. Not only that, but I remembered to take photos of my steps so that in the future I can pull out my step-by-step photos rather than waste hours trying to remember the correct sequence.

Simplicity 3684 collar closeup sewing by Sharon Madsen copyright 2009
The collar stand photos will get posted tomorrow with a full pattern review to follow. Pin It


  1. Gorgeous Sharon and it goes with the skirt so well! Good job!!!

  2. Kudos for doing 19 pleats! I get too anxious and would've said, forget it... I'm gathering this sucker! Beautiful blouse, I'm adding this pattern to the wish list!

  3. Beautiful, Sharon. 19 pleats, wow, that is alot of pleating. I have this pattern, so thanks for the review.

  4. Lovely blouse! I love the sleeves :) Looking forward to the collar photos, thanks!

  5. That's a great looking shirt and...I checked my PR pattern catalog...I've got it stashed! Oh, if only there were 34 hours in a day....

  6. Lovely blouse, although I probably would have tried to combine the pleats, somehow.

    BTW, you can through silk through the laundry as long as you don't use any enzyme-type cleaners.

  7. That is a great shirt! Can't wait to see about the collar - I tried a shirt with a collar once. I cut it and sewed it four different times - with 4 different results - the shirt stayed collarless...

  8. Very lovely, Sharon!!! 19 pleats?! OUCH!!

  9. Really nice shirt! Am eagerly awaiting the collar stand pictures.

  10. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Wow, as close to PERFECT as one could possibly get! Great fit and that stripe continuing down the zipper is toooooo cute!

    Yes, and those 19 pleats? I think I'd have had to think up a solution to avoid


  11. Love it Sharon. Looks great, fabulous outfit. g

  12. What a lovely shirt! Looks great with the skirt. Thanks too for the tutorial :)



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