Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Spring sewing wish list - a vintage dress

I too have been bitten by the spring clean-up-the-sewing-studio bug. One of the first areas to be attacked is my pattern collection.

As this collection has grown, I've grown lazy about putting patterns away in their correct category. As I began weeding patterns, I found this treasure buried in a pile of 70s era patterns.

Isn't this dress lovely? It's a McCall's pattern from 1953 (McCall's 9239).

If you look closely at the waist and bodice you'll notice that there is gathering under the bust as well as a front inset. The illustrations don't show this, but there is also an underarm gusset.

The full skirt is gathered and sewn to the dress top at the waistline with a waist stay sewn in as a final step. The buttonholes are bound buttonholes, plus there is a lapped zipper at the side seam. A fabric covered belt completes the look.

It's amazing the amount of detail in this simple dress as well as the instructions included on the instruction sheet of this vintage pattern.

This dress is going on my sewing wish list. If I can figure out how to size this up and find appropriate fabric this baby will be finding a home in my closet. Pin It


  1. Gorgeous pattern...isn't amazing all the detail and style in the vintage patterns? I am reorganizing my patterns too. I went to cut out a dress last night and the pieces were missing from the DH said "they are probably pinned to some fabric somewhere in your room" Men!!! I did find the pieces in a ziplock (waiting to be pinned to some fabric!) Mary

  2. It's a beautiful pattern. Vintage patterns have such an amazing level of detail, even those marked "easy". I love their instructions - they may have smaller pictures than current patterns but they get their meaning across so much better.

  3. Lovely pattern! And good job for cleaning up the studio space. I need to do that badly, but actually sewing is just so much more fun!

  4. I love that. I am always amazed at the way fashion makes a circle. This style dress has become so popular in stores like Forever 21, etc. Can't wait to see your finished one.


  5. That is a beautiful dress.. and so complex!

  6. anary9:29 AM

    This dress is fabulous!
    Well, I have in my favs blogs that deal with vintage pattern..I am sure the gals & boys could give you a word of advice for you if you need...Give it a try!

    I am already drooling... :)
    Ps: I am working on 2 retros myself...

  7. I love the short sleeve version. Just seems so elegant and easy to wear.

  8. Gotta love those vintage patterns! This one is really cute.

    Last summer I made several garments for the vintage contest on PR, all of which needed to be graded up. I used an article from Threads magazine. This blog: has all the details. (At least I'm pretty sure she used the same issue since my graded patterns look like hers.)

  9. What a pretty dress! I love vintage patterns. My great-aunt gave me a big sack of them this weekend. I too will have to size them up if I want to use any of them.



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