Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Vogue 2980 Today's Fit Knit Top Review

This knit top pattern - Vogue 2980 - is a new release from the Today's Fit by Sandra Betzina line. The pattern describes the top as "close-fitting, pullover top, with draped "bolero" shoulders."
I used a two-way stretch knit, a rayon/poly/lycra, purchased two weeks ago at Hancock's. You're gonna get sick of me saying this, but it was in the remnant bin - two separate pieces - one just under a yard and the other just under one-half of a yard. The fabric weight and stretchiness was a good choice for this top. But if you look really close you'll notice I wasn't very careful cutting this out ...

The pattern is rated Easy and I would have to agree. This knit top took just over one hour of sewing time to complete.

Because this pattern line now includes all sizes - A to J - in one envelope I traced the pattern rather than cut it out. This particular top is a size C with no alterations at all.

The collar drape is actually very simple to construct. The center back seam of the collar is sewn and then the collar is folded in half lengthwise (wrong sides together). A portion of the collar drape is sewn onto the bodice back with the ends remaining free as they end up being secured in place when the sleeves are set in.

There are three small pleats at the each end of the collar drape which are basted in place on the bodice back just under the armhole. See photo below - I lightened the bodice back piece to help you see how the collar drape is attached - both pieces are actually shown right sides up.

The neckline of the front bodice is finished by a deep self facing that is folded to the inside of the front and basted in place at the side seams. When the side seams are sewn together the front facing and the collar drape are secured in place.

The sleeves are sewn in next. The instructions call for an easeline at the top of the sleeve, but with a two way stretch fabric I certainly did not need to do that extra step.

The final step was to hem the top. I believe my Elna 945 has a coverstitch ability, but I've never learned how to use that feature, so I used a twin needle to hem the top.

I actually tried the technique listed in the pattern instructions. I fused Lite Steam A Seam onto the bottom edge of the wrong side of the hem (this is something I do on all knits when I'm hemming them) and pressed the 1/2" hem in place.

Next I hand wound a bobbin with woolly nylon thread, placed a twin needle in my sewing machine, threaded the machine with regular thread and sewed the hem in place on the right side of the fabric.

The right side looks great .The inside - not so great. Since this is the first time I tried this technique I'm not certain if this is what the back side is supposed to look like or not. I guess it doesn't really matter as long as the finished side looks okay.
It does fit well but the pleats from the collar drape add a bit of bulk right at the side of the front armholes. I'll need to wear the top for a day to see if it bothers me or not.

So. Will I sew it again? Perhaps I will, perhaps I won't. You'll have to wait and see... Pin It


  1. love the fabric and it is cute, very chic

  2. What a cute top.

  3. Oh, I love it and what a great technique. I'll have to try that.

  4. Fun! That's what this top says. Do you sleep? xoxo

  5. It's gorgeous! The fabric really works well with this pattern.

  6. Fantastic! You are sewing like a storm!

  7. I love the top! Sharon you are making such cute things this summer. It must be fun getting dressed in the morning!

  8. I love this top!

    I have been trying to find this pattern for several weeks now. Neither my JoAnn's nor Hancocks has it in stock. I may have to break down and actually order it online! (GASP.... pay more than $3.99????)

  9. great top! seeing all these nice creations makes my sewing mojo come back in little steps

  10. Very cute top. Looks better than the pattern photo! I have used that technique for the hem and that is what it looks like! Sometimes (if I can be bothered) I will serge the hem first.

  11. Glad to see this review. I have been comtemplating buying this one. Interesting style.



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