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Hello, hello, hello! I’m so delighted you stopped by. 

I love to CREATE and SEWING a my main creative outlet. I bet you already figured that out, though. Was it my blog name that gave it away? {wink} 

My career is in the communications field where I work as a media relations and communications specialist. 

Besides SEWING I spend time with my gorgeous hubby (yea, I know I'm one lucky lady}, my two kids, send in submission ideas to magazines (yay! I've been published - check it out here) and do ZUMBA to keep in shape...and because it's just really fun. 

I have such a great time creating and sewing and I want to SHARE it with you.  Stick around while I share reviews of my sewing projects,TUTORIALS , INSPIRATION and a bit of real LIFE.

I hope you’ll learn something new, be inspired, enjoy seeing what I've sewn, have fun connecting with me - or just get a kick out of getting a glimpse into my life.  I also hope you'll share what you know with me - I love  reading your comments. I read each and every one and if I have your email  I do my best to respond to you.

I kinda like dogs too...especially our two goofballs, Abby and Sophia.  Abby is the Black Lab/Newfoundland mix and Sophia the Maltese.   Their antics always make me smile and hopefully you too.  They show up on this blog since the spent time with me in my sewing studio...and like to crash my photo shoots.  Check out some posts by using the label "dog". 

Although I'd much rather cook a meal than eat out, it's pretty rare that you'll find amazing photos of my dinner.  I love to eat and if I took time to photograph my meals...well, that just would take too much time.

But how did I come to love sewing anyway?   Well, let me tell you...

I blame my family.

As the second born and eldest girl (in a family that would include one boy and four girls)  I was showered with lace and ruffles and bows and buckle shoes and swirly dresses.  I still love me a dress I can twirl in, like my Twirl, Baby, Twirl dress.

I also received more than my shared of dolls. I much care for playing with the dolls but I sure did like designing clothing for them. 

Playing on the front porch with my friends from kindergarten, I'd trade my custom sewn Barbie doll clothing for beautiful floral printed hankies my friends used to adorn their dolls.  I'd take those hankies and proceed to drape them into my own personal creations.  (And yes, my parents always made me get my couture doll clothing back.)

At age eight, my uncle's girlfriend (who soon became my aunt) introduced me to the magical world of sewing. She took me and my sister to a fabric store where we choose a pattern, fabric and notions. We then spent the rest of the afternoon "sewing" our new dresses. I'm not sure how much we actually sewed but the way I remember it I was a fabulous fashion designer by the end of the day

That did it for me! I was hooked. And I wore that little dress to death.

Neither my mother or grandmother enjoyed sewing so I was on my own when it came time to do more sewing.

Not one to be easily discouraged I forged ahead and taught myself to sew. With many mistakes along the way. The best part was I didn't even know they were mistakes until years later.

Ah, the innocence of a child. To like what you like and don't care much about what others think.

By the time I was a teen I was sewing clothing for my entire family and had begun designing and sewing doll clothing. Quite the little entrepreneur I was learning sales and marketing through trial and error. And sadly learning that some adults could sink low enough to steal from a teenager running their own booth at a craft show.  (Check out my tutorials on doll clothes)

That sewing talent came in quite handy when I became a single parent of two wonderful kids by the age tender age of 19.   We may not have had a lot of money but those two were dressed absolutely adorably.  (My  FlashBack Friday posts showcase a number of those outfits.)

My children still say they spent way too much of their childhood inside of fabric stores. They say they were bribed with promises of coloring books, ice cream treats or a visit to the zoo if they would sit for "just one more minute while mommy looks at the pattern books".  It might be true...

All through the years of raising children while working full-time and attending school I still managed to squeeze in a little sewing. It was then - and is now - a creative outlet.

I’m now married to the love of my life - an incredibly talented DIY guy (and super-duper cute to boot) and between the two of us we make a lot of stuff.  We met when we were 14 {awwww} I wrote about how we met here - complete with evidence of how silly we looked as teens.

My life now is so different from those early years, but the one thing that remains constant is my love of sewing, creating and sharing.

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