Itch to Stitch Sabalito Top - A Dolman Sleeve Pullover Top

Nearly a year ago I purchased the Itch to Stitch Sabalito Top*, with plans to stitch one up right away.  Ha, ha, ha!

Judging from my laughter, you know that didn't happen. As soon as I downloaded the pattern, I printed and put it together, traced my size, and tucked it away.  I pulled that pattern out at least a dozen times over the past eight months but for some reason I was never motivated to actually sew the top.  

Until last week.

This is the fourth year that I've experienced the East Texas fall weather, and I'm still not used to it!  When you spend the majority of your life in a state with four very distinctive seasons, it can be hard to believe that the end of October can produce summer-like weather. 

The warm fall temps catch me off-guard every year.  To me, it's warm enough to wear my summer clothes, but everyone here wears flannels, sweaters and booties!  I want to wear "fall" colors, but can't stand thought of bundling up in a flannel shirt or sweater.

Itch to stitch sabalito top in linen blend

 Rather than go shopping for a few new tops, I did what most of you would do.  I looked though my fabric and pattern stash while determining what I could sew quickly that would have a fall look.

Aha! Time to finally sew the Sabalito Top!  The relaxed fit top features three-quarter length dolman sleeves, a deep V front, and a decorative front tie.

The fabric I used is a linen/rayon blend from Style Maker Fabrics. I had purchased it January 2022 using a gift card my son had given me for Christmas. Even though he complains he spent too much of his childhood sitting in a fabric store at the pattern book counter, he still loves me enough to gift me something sewing related :-) 

The color is perfect for fall and the fabric was lightweight enough for this top.  This is designed to be worn open over a cami or t-shirt, but I knew I'd be too warm if I layered. Instead I pinned that deep V closed.  When it gets colder I'll layer and wear it open.

This pattern does come with optional cup sizes, up to DD.  In Itch to Stitch patterns, I typically sew a size 8 with the DD option. I'm not sure why, but I sewed a size 10 DD. I believe I wanted to make sure this had the loose-fit, as intended, but now that it's done, I can tell I could have sewn the 8 DD.  

Oh well, next time.  If I sew it again, which I'm not sure yet. I'm not too fond of that front tie. Which is funny because that was the main feature that attracted me to the pattern.

The tie is purely decorative. You can't use it to reshape the top at all. In fact, the tie is supposed to be tacked in place once it's tied. Honestly, I fussed way too long trying to get it to look decent. I finally said "good enough!" 

Because of the tie feature you need to make sure the fabric is fairly lightweight.  The neck and front edges are finished with a wide facing, which extends to the tie.  (It's supposed to be interfaced but I choose to not add any.) One end of the tie goes through an opening in the waistline seam before the two ends are knotted together.

There is a seam at the waistline to attach the bottom half to the top half. The bottom portion is single layer and finished with a 1" hem.

You noticed my puppy, right?  She let's me pick her up while supporting her around her belly. I've taken a few pics that way to show how she's growing and decided to do that when I was taking pics of this top.  

Look at this big girl! I won't be able to hold her like this any longer. And she's not even six months yet!

After I put her down, I stepped back onto the retaining wall to take more pics. I misjudged the distance, lost my balance, and fell.

Fortunately, I was able to land on one foot as it's a very small retaining wall. Apparently I also managed to hit the remote control as I was falling and captured my clumsiness :-) 

I know, I know. I was lucky I didn't twist an ankle.  Lesson learned, watch my step! 

To wrap things up, I like the top, but I don't love it like I thought I would.  I think I'll need to wear it a few times before I decide for sure. 

As a BERNINA Ambassador I sewed this on my BERNINA 770QE Plus.

Here's a fabric haul video from last year with my Style Maker Fabrics purchases. 

Blessings and Happy Sewing!

* the Itch to Stitch link is an affiliate link.


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