BurdaStyle Magazine July 2022 Top 119 ~ Side Drape Knit Top

During the month of July, while in the midst of a long stretch of 100 degree + days, I sewed this simple sleeveless knit top. I liked that it provided more coverage than a tank top, but would keep me just as cool. 
The pattern is top 119 from the July 2022 BurdaStyle magazine. 
BurdaStyle 07-2022 Top 119 Floral Knit Top worn by Sharon Sews Brunette Standing Outside

I found the drape below the armhole opening interesting, but wasn't sure if it would feel or look awkward when worn. 

I knew the design needed a soft knit, like a rayon knit. Not wanting to use one of my "good" rayon knits until I was sure I liked the top, I used a lightweight floral knit that I purchased as a precut bundle from Walmart.  This one was two yards for four dollars.   I'm sure it's a polyester, which was fine with me as I only wanted to test the pattern.

Turned out I liked it enough that I wore this top frequently during the heat wave.  

The top has a two dot rating. According to the magazine, that means "easy to sew, but more time-consuming".  I think that depends on your sewing skill level as this was a really quick sew for me.  It may be the v-neck that pushed this to a two dot rating.  I was off slightly on my marking for my v-neck but it's not noticeable.  Well, it probably is to you now that I've just shared that little "oops", LOL.

One thing about BurdaStyle Magazine patterns is the size range is rather limited.  This top is only available in sizes 36 to 44.  I traced a 40 (neck/shoulder) grading to a 42 at the hip.  

The top has three pieces - the front, the back, and the neckband.  The shoulder "seam" is stitched first, the neckband is added next, then the side seams and bottom hem. 

There is a small dart on the back piece for shoulder shaping.

The armhole opening is designed to hang open from neckband. I didn't like that look, and stitched the opening in place going down about 3" from the neckband. 

The side drape wasn't as dramatic, or bothersome, as I was afraid it might be. 

Once I discovered how much I liked the top, I planned to sew another right away. Well, that didn't happen and it's now September.  Although the temps tell me it's summer outside, my attention has already turned to fall sewing. 

As you can see, my little dog was eager to be in all of my photos :-)  I think she was curious as to what I was doing. Or wanted me to get off of "her" spot on the retaining wall where she likes to spend time in the sun. 

I hope you have a blessed day. Happy Sewing!


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