Sunday, December 26, 2021

McCall's 8003 - A Stretch Velvet Top with Cut-Out Detail

Two years ago McCall's posted this pattern as a Sew The Look on their Facebook page.  Most of the commenters hated the look!  Personally, I liked it and purchased the pattern when it was released. I sewed a test version in a black ITY knit (blogged about here).  

I recently sewed it again, this time in a beautiful stretch crushed velvet.

McCalls 8003 Peekaboo Knit Top in Stylemaker Fabrics stretch velvet worn by Sharon Sews
The pattern is McCall's 8003 which was released in 2019. It is described as close-fitting or pullover with snap closing tops, with mock collar or neckband and length variations.  It's basically a scoop neck tee with another piece placed over the upper bodice portion. Both are basted together and sewn into the armhole seam.

McCall's 8003 Pattern Cover on Sharon Sews blog
As someone who has a large bust I typically avoid wearing high necklines or turtlenecks, even though I like them.  I think that's why I was attracted to this pattern. The small cut-out detail showing a hint of skin breaks up the large amount of fabric on my chest. 

McCalls 8003 Peekaboo Knit Top in Stylemaker Fabrics stretch velvet worn by Sharon Sews

As you can see in my photos, the cut-out detail is more subtle than shown on the pattern cover.  Even in my first version (a stretchier knit) that cut-out is pretty conservative.

McCalls 8003 Black Knit

I added stay tape to the shoulder seams.

Stay Tape added to the shoulder seam on McCall's 8003 Sharon Sews blog
I used a low heat, a press cloth and needle board when I needed to press anything. 

McCall's 8003 Velvet Pressing with Press Cloth

I did do a full bust adjustment but I think I need even more room in that area. When I wear this top the bust area pulls up above my bust.  I had also forgotten that the top is shorter than I like. I'll need to make a note on the pattern in case I sew this one again. With the bust area pulling up and the shorter length I find myself constantly adjusting the top when its worn.

McCalls 8003 sewin my StyleMaker Fabrics stretch velvet worn by Sharon Sews
But the fabric! How beautiful is this stretch velvet? Even though I said in a previous blog post that I'm working on sewing through my stash, this was a new purchase. I bought it from Style Maker Fabrics during their Thanksgiving weekend sale.  It's named "artistic collage stretch crushed velvet" 

Let's talk about the neckline.  At the time I was sewing this (two weeks ago) it was warm (almost 80F) and muggy! I'm not used to that kind of December weather :-)  I planned to sew the mock turtleneck, but I broke out into a sweat just thinking about having something around my neck!  

So the neckline from View B it was. I narrowed the neckband though as I thought it was too wide.

McCall's 8003 peekaboo knit top in stretch velvet Sharon Sews

The neckline is REALLY high.  And tight.  It's not choking me but I can tell it's there.

I thought about lowering the neckline but I had already sewn the upper front piece to the bodice. By lowering the neckline at that point I would have eliminated a lot of that upper front piece. I didn't have enough to recut the piece so I kept everything as is. 

McCalls 8003 Stretch Velvet Peekaboo Top Sharon Sews

Oh, one more thing. The sleeves are tight on this pattern. I had to to a full bicep adjustment, adding an inch.  While my arms are a bit on the larger size, I rarely have to adjust sleeve patterns to add more width.

I like the top and it's perfect for wearing with jeans when we head out to dinner, which I must admit is a rare occasion. But I'm ready when we do :-) 

McCalls 8003 Peekaboo Knit Top Easy to Sew in Stretch Velvet worn by Sharon Sews


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  1. Love it. It is beautiful fabric and the particular cutout is all over right now. Great job.

  2. The black ones with those wonderful pants is my favorite. I like a low neckline as well, but I hadn't even given this pattern a second look.



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