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Three Tops and a Dress | The Itch to Stitch Glenelly Top and Dress Pattern

As I was going through my summer wardrobe, it became apparent that I was lacking knit tops.  You know, something I could toss on with a pair of shorts and still look halfway decent when it's  oppressively hot outside. Like it has been for the past few weeks.

Luckily, I had a chance to test a new top (and dress) pattern from Itch to Stitch and now that hole in my wardrobe is quickly being filled. 

The Glenelly Top and Dress pattern may look like a basic raglan sleeve top but it has a few extras.  First of all, there is a regular and full bust option. If you've been following me for a while you know that I appreciate a well drafted pattern that has the FBA (or full bust option) already done for me. The pattern also has a slightly squared neckline (a fashion trend right now - see my Pinterest Board) with excellent neckband sewing instructions.  Here's the line drawing.

The first version I sewed was this pink and red one. I didn't plan on color blocking the sleeves, but I was using fabric left over from another project (a big FAIL that I never blogged about) and didn't have enough pink fabric for the sleeves. 

I really like it in the two colors.

It's been in the 90s and this has become my go-to top when we walk the dog.  Who is looking pretty scruffy in these photos. I better get busy and schedule a visit to the groomers :-)

Now if I could only remember where I purchased this fabulous cotton spandex knit as I want to buy more! Much, much more. It was a dream to sew and is so comfortable to wear.

Next I sewed a turquoise blue top.  I adore this color, especially for summer!

This fabric is a rayon jersey and is heavier than most rayon knits I've sewn.  I love the feel of the knit and it is very comfortable to wear in this hot weather. The only drawback is that it shows off my lumps and bumps. Especially that back roll that has arrived in the last six months and refuses to leave. There's a reason you're not seeing the back views of my tops, Ha Ha!

Since this top only takes about an hour to sew I decided to whip up another. This time I used a double brushed polyester knit, which has the softest feel!  Alas, I forgot to take into account that it didn't have the 50% stretch that this top was designed for so it's tighter than I'd like.  

By the way, I discovered that my camera makes a difference in how my top looks. And by camera I mean my cell phone set on a tripod that I control with a remote clicker :-)  I think this top looks pretty flattering in these pics, but trust me it doesn't look as good when I check it out in a mirror.  

This floral knit top shows the square neckline the best. The neckline might not be as square on me as I have narrow and sloping shoulders. The designer does have a tutorial on her website for a narrow shoulder adjustment, and maybe I'll try that on the next one I sew.

After sewing three tops I decided to try the dress. I mean, who doesn't love a comfy knit dress? 

I liked that the gathers were limited to the front and back of the skirt - no excess gathers along the side edges. 

For the dress I graded up a size at the waist and hip as I wanted a looser fit.  

Once I realized how comfy this dress was I was disappointed to discover that I didn't have any knits on hand that would work to sew another one, or two, or 12.  Seriously, I could live in this dress all summer long. 

I do wish it had pockets. But that's a easy thing to add, something I will be doing on my next dress. 

The ITY knit I used for the dress was purchased as a pre-cut bundle at Walmart. It was three yards for six dollars and I was pleasantly surprised at the quality. 

The pattern is a PDF pattern, and I've become much more comfortable with the printing, taping, and copying needed. I still prefer a printed pattern but no longer rule out a pattern just because it's a PDF.

If you think you may purchase this pattern, I'd be appreciative if you'd use my affiliate link. I doesn't cost you anything, and it provides me with a small commission which I use to continue to produce content on my YouTube channel.  

Oh! Be sure to check out the Itch to Stitch blog post on this pattern as you can see this top and dress on all of the pattern testers. I think it looks flattering on everyone.

I published a short video on YouTube where I model each of these if you're interested. If you're not subscribed you can find my channel by searching "Sharon Sews" on YouTube, or click this link.

And I leave you with this photo of the moment I sat down and was unprepared for the little one to jump on my lap. When she was a puppy she jumped on my lap every single time I sat down. I guess some things never change.






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  1. Love the pattern and your makes. The dress is really cute.



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