Friday, June 18, 2021

Simplicity 9236 - Bright Green Pants for Summer

Recently I had an opportunity to visit SR Harris Fabric Warehouse in Minnesota, where I proceeded to load up on fabrics I thought would work well for my summer wardrobe. One of my purchases was a   bright green, lightweight cotton blend that I planned to use for loose-fitting pants. 

I decided to sew Simplicity 9236, a fairly new release. It is ridiculously easy to sew, taking just a few hours from start to finish. 

Fabric recommendations are lightweight denim, linen, microfiber, poplin, silky types, and soft cotton. Without doing a burn test I'm not positive what my green fabric is, but it sewed beautifully and is quite comfortable to wear in our current temps (mid 90s F).

The pull-on pants are pleated (inseam and side seam) into an ankle band.  For reference, I'm 5' 5" and I made no length adjustments.

I purchased the pattern because I liked the little hem detail and the leg shape.

 The inside pockets are top stitched in place on the outside of the pants. My thread matched so closely you can barely see the topstitching. 

I wasn't crazy about the finish for the waistband.  Next time I'll either leave off that stitching at the top of the casing, or add a flat front waistband combined with an elastic back (like my beloved McCall's 7786 (blog post here). 

 I found the fit to be a bit generous, and I'll likely go down a size next time. 

The color is not one I normally wear and I am struggling a bit regarding what tops to pair with the pants. Many on my Instagram post commented that I should view green as a neutral as it goes with almost anything, just like in nature. 

I'm patting myself on the back, because I sewed something in the actual season it will be worn! 

By the way, if you're curious what I bought when I visited SR Harris, I published a fabric haul video on my YouTube channel.


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