Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Minerva Cotton Poplin Graffiti Print - Vogue 9112 Marcy Tilton Dress

 In 2015 I sewed a linen version of Vogue 9112, one that is worn all the time in the summer months! (Blogged about here). I figured after nearly six years it was time to sew another :-) 

I used a beautiful cotton poplin print gifted to be from Minerva, and I think it will be worn just as much as my linen one.

Visit the Minerva site to read all about it. 

Vogue 9112 in Cotton Poplin Print from Minerva worn by Sharon Sews
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  1. This is darling. You look fabulous my friend!

  2. Love the fabric and the dress! You are definitely ready for warmer weather!



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