Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Erin Dress by Style Sew Me in Floral Crepe

When this pattern was first released I was drawn to the slight cocoon shape and the tie details at the hemline.  I purchased the pattern never dreaming that easy-to-wear and comfy would become the fashion theme of 2020 (and beyond). 

As 2020 changed over to 2021 I grew tired of wearing my leggings and oversized tops, and decided it was time to sew a version of this dress.   The floral crepe fabric was purchased from SR Harris during a visit to Minnesota.  The weight was perfect, and it draped beautifully.  Of course the pop of almost neon flowers just makes me smile!

Here's what the pattern cover looks like.  As you can tell if you look closely at mine, I eliminated the little "v" at the center front neckline as it's just a design element.

Sizing ranges from XXS (full bust of 31") to 3X (full bust of 48"). I couldn't easily determine how much ease was in the dress so I cut out a large based on my full bust measurement.  There's quite a bit of ease, enough that I didn't need to do an FBA, and that is something I almost ALWAYS have to do with my patterns.

Fabric recommendations are light and medium weight wovens, such as cotton, linen, and crepe.  

The dress really has no shaping at all. It's basically a big rectangle with cut on (or is it grown on?) sleeves and and interesting hem detail.

If I hadn't used a soft fabric that drapes, I don't think this would have been flattering at all! So really think about your fabric choice if you sew this one.

A couple things to note that were not included in the construction booklet:

  • The pattern instruction booklet calls for 1 yard of interfacing. My guess is this was an editing error and should not have been included as the only thing that is interfaced is the neck facing.
  • I finished the edges of the pocket pieces and side seams (with my serger) before adding the pockets to the side seams
  • There are no notches on the pockets to match them to the side seams.  If you've sewn in-seam pockets before you'll instinctively know where to place your pockets.  The top of the pockets ended up being about 3/4" above the top notch on the dress side seam.
  • I added a strip of interfacing as a stabilizer to the seam line of the dress where the pocket was sewn to the dress.
  • After stitching the pockets to the dress, I pressed the seam toward the pocket and understitched to help keep the pocket from rolling out. 
  • I clipped the side seam above and below the pocket and pressed the side seams open. I pressed the pocket to the front. 
  • I was really confused by the hem tie instructions. Honestly, I'm still not sure if I sewed it as it was intended to be sewn. 
    • I wasn't sure if I needed to clip the corner of the tie before hemming the tie end, or if I was to create a tiny pleat on the dress.  I ended up creating a tiny pleat.  I think next time I'll staystitch the corner, clip to the corner and hem everything.

I have to tell you, I was really nervous how this going to look on me once I was done. Big b00bs ya know :-)  

I was afraid the dress would look awful.  Yet I was willing to try! 

By the way, I am 5' 5" and made no adjustments to the length of the dress. 

I'm glad I sewed the dress.  While something that defines my waist and hip is always going to be a more flattering look on me, I do like this.  I envision myself wearing this running errands or lounging around the house.  

Would I sew it again?  I don't know. I feel like I should because it's an indie pattern, which means it cost more than one of the Big 4 on sale.  I would only sew another if I found the right fabric. 

Until next time, Happy Sewing!

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