Thursday, February 25, 2021

Madison Cardigan by Style Sew Me

When I'm wearing a basic tee and jeans I like to add a cardigan. It adds color and style to jazz up that basic tee.  I especially like it when I find a cardigan that is a little bit extra. Like the Style Sew Me Madison Cardigan.

This cardi features a hi-lo hem and a waterfall front that drapes beautifully. I think the back is the real star though. The two side panels combined with the center back panel add great movement. Plus, think of the color blocking opportunities!

The pattern is available in both printed and PDF versions. Mine is the print version. 

I sewed a size medium as I'm right in between the medium and the large.  The pattern has a two-piece sleeve, which I don't think is that common in a cardigan pattern. At least not in the ones that I have sewn. 

When I look at the design I envision this sewn out of a rayon knit.  Lots of softness and drape. However, the fabric suggestions (on the pattern envelope) are double knits and woven fabrics with moderate stretch, so perhaps it was designed with structure in mind. That may be the reason for the two-piece sleeve.

Note that in the pattern instruction booklet the fabric suggestions are different. They are double knit, ponte knit, scuba knit, and all other knits of all weights. No mention at all of "woven fabrics with moderate stretch" as printed on the pattern envelope. I'm not sure if it was an editing error or if stretch wovens would indeed work. 

I don't typically remember to check for pattern reviews before I sew something.  I usually think of it only after I've run into problems, LOL.  Fortunately I checked reviews on this one and a few reviewers mentioned that the sleeves ran small.

I measured the flat pattern and realized I would need to add width. While I don't have the smallest arms out there, I can't remember the last time I needed to add width in the bicep area.  I'm happy I learned about the sleeves before I cut everything out as I was able to alter the pattern to give myself an extra inch of width.

After adding the sleeve to the cardigan body, I found it was still too tight. I undid the stitches and resewed using a scant 1/4" seam allowance. The original seam allowance was 1/2" so I was able to get a tiny bit more width in the bicep area making it wearable.  I would not be able to wear this over a long sleeve top so keep that in mind if you sew this one. 

I had wanted to sew this using a snake print rayon knit I had received in a mystery bundle from Fabric Mart Fabrics.  Alas, I was short about 1/2 yard.

Instead I used another Fabric Mart mystery bundle fabric. A green polyester knit. As I rarely sew or wear this color, I only had one spool of thread on hand that matched, and no green serger thread at all. I didn't want to purchase thread, so I used black thread in my serger.  

What?!? Ha Ha, yep.  Even knowing you'd be able to see the black on the inside of the hems.  I don't care. My thought was that the green would just be a test garment and it wouldn't be worn.  Jokes on me!  I love my new green cardi.  So it will be worn with visible black thread :-)

Another thing I want to mention if you purchase the printed pattern. The fonts sizes are not consistent in the instruction booklet. The biggest challenge for me was trying to decipher the size chart as well as the chart for the fabric requirements.  The font is just too small to read easily.  I wish the designer had split both of those tables and used a larger font.  And if you're over the age of 40, you know what I'm talking about, LOL. 

All if all, this is a super quick sew.  Now that I've already altered the sleeve pattern, it will likely take no more than two hours to cut out and sew myself another. 

By the way, these photos were taken after the historic snow and cold that blanketed Texas the week of February 15, 2021.  I had put on sandals since the temps had reached near 50 the day we took photos. As a native Northerner, well, that felt warm.

Unfortunately I managed to step in a puddle of ice water and hubby caught me looking down in surprise :-) 

Until next time - Happy Sewing! Pin It

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  1. SOLD! I went straight to PR and put the paper pattern in my cart...I am all about cool cardigans. Thanks for the heads up about the sleeves; I'll just trace the armsceye/ borrow the sleeve from one of my Jalie cardis ;-)



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