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Vogue 8975 Knit Dress ~ Fabrics by the Yard Bold Stripe Rayon Knit

When I pulled this fabric out of the package I knew the bold colors combined with the beautiful drape would make a great summer dress. Even though that's not what my original intent was when I ordered the fabric. I saw the bold colors of this rayon knit  (SKU 50682) from Fabrics by the Yard , and pictured a simple tee that would pair perfectly with white jeans for spring. Of course, the fact that we were experiencing temps approaching 90 degrees F, combined with high humidity when the fabric arrived may have played into my change of plans. At that moment in time the thought of putting on a pair of jeans was not very appealing. I knew I wanted to sew a dress that was flowy and loose-fitting, perfect for the upcoming hot summer months and dug through my pattern stash looking for that perfect pattern. I ended up choosing Vogue 8975 , a design I sewed back in 2014 ( blog post here ).  I had forgotten about this pattern until I received an email from someone who had found my