Tuesday, October 27, 2020

A Comfy and Cozy Camo Fall Top ~ BANFF Dolman Sweater Pattern Review

Fall weather has finally arrived here in Texas. That means the a/c is turned off, the shorts are tucked away, and the long sleeve tops are once again being worn. I recently sewed the Banff Dolman Sweater from the Sew News Capsule Studio Plush pattern collection and have found myself wearing it over and over. 

While there are a plethora of dolman sleeve knit top patterns available to sew, this one has a colorblocked yoke which makes it a bit unique.  Plus it was included in this PDF pattern collection :-)

It's a very 80s shape, and I recall having multiple dolman sleeve sweaters back then.  A quick count in my closet revealed I currently have six dolman sleeve tops that I'll rotate through this season.

The recommendation on this top is to choose the size by your waist measurement. I'm guessing because it's designed to "bunch" up at your waist, rather than fall over your hip.  I choose the pattern by my full bust adjustment, and then graded down in the hip area. 

The fabric recommendation is for a middleweight sweater knit with 50% stretch.  The camo sweater knit, from Cali Fabrics, met that recommendation. The black knit was a remnant I had in my stash.

On my camo version I lowered the neckline and contrast yoke by 1" as I wanted it to be more noticeable. 

If you sew this, I'd suggest you print, tile, and trace your pattern pieces in your size before purchasing fabric as what you need may be less than what is printed in the instructions.  Also, note that you need less fabric than what is called for if you do the contrast yoke. That was confusing to me due to the layout illustration provided in the instructions.  At first I thought I needed to cut the yoke in BOTH the contrast and body fabric and perhaps line the yoke. But as I read through the instructions I realized that was not correct. 

This camo version is the third one I sewed. The first one I sewed just to check the fit. 

I used a sweater knit remnant that I had purchased last winter. On this one you can see there is no contrast yoke, and the neckline is higher. 

This was when I discovered the hip area needed to be brought in, and that the lower sleeve was too tight. I could only pull it up about 3" and I like to pull my long sleeves up to my elbow. 

I also had to colorblock the back as I didn't have enough of the floral remnant for the entire top. 

I'll see if my daughter wants this one as I don't care for it as much as the camo version.

The second one I sewed I tried using a ponte knit. Just because I was curious how the fabric would behave in this design. No pics as it the knit was much too stable and didn't look right on me. Perhaps someone with a smaller bustline could get by using a stable knit but not me.

The neckline is finished with a narrow neckband turned and stitched to the inside of the top. The construction was different than I expected also. The neckband is added to the front and back pieces before stitching the yoke shoulder seam. After the yoke is stitched together is is stitched to the top. 

It's an easy sew, and I'm quite happy with my comfy and cozy camo pullover sweater. 

As I mentioned in my previous post reviewing my pink Kawartha Cardi Jacket  this collection is a "textured inspired cozy pattern collection", that includes  six PDF patterns, each available in sizes XS (bust 33", waist 24-1/2", hip 35") to 7X (bust 58", waist 49-1/2", hip 60").

I'll have a review of the MOONSTONE Jumpsuit in the next few days. 

I did do a video review on my YouTube channel of all of the pieces. 

Sew News is offering a savings of 15% on the Plush PDF pattern collection by using the code PLUSH15 (expires on Oct. 30, 2020).


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  1. I adore dolman sleeves. They have an "easy" style to them. Very cute top!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, I love your blog so much!



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