Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Vogue 8975 Knit Dress ~ Fabrics by the Yard Bold Stripe Rayon Knit

When I pulled this fabric out of the package I knew the bold colors combined with the beautiful drape would make a great summer dress. Even though that's not what my original intent was when I ordered the fabric.

I saw the bold colors of this rayon knit  (SKU 50682) from Fabrics by the Yard, and pictured a simple tee that would pair perfectly with white jeans for spring. Of course, the fact that we were experiencing temps approaching 90 degrees F, combined with high humidity when the fabric arrived may have played into my change of plans. At that moment in time the thought of putting on a pair of jeans was not very appealing.
I knew I wanted to sew a dress that was flowy and loose-fitting, perfect for the upcoming hot summer months and dug through my pattern stash looking for that perfect pattern.

I ended up choosing Vogue 8975, a design I sewed back in 2014 (blog post here).  I had forgotten about this pattern until I received an email from someone who had found my original blog post and had a question about the dress. Unfortunately the dress from 2014 was donated before our move and I was sure I had also donated the pattern. So when I discovered it while looking at my dress patterns I decided to sew it again.
To highlight the interesting seaming, I choose to cut parts on the cross-grain of the fabric. The back I matched as best as I could and it creates and interesting geometric design.
The front emphasizes the section where the pockets are.
And no, the pockets are not actually that big!
I did add my label (purchased from Dutch Label Shop).  Now that I have a logo (thanks to a very talented friend) I'm going to need to repurchase labels!

I'm really glad a blog reader reached out to me with a question about  this pattern or I may not have sewn this dress!  I've already worn it to have a glass of wine with a neighbor - outside and social distancing of course - and it was comfortable to wear in the heat and humidity.

Looking at the photos the one thing I'm going to change is to redo the width of the shoulders. The bodice pattern pieces are used for both the sleeved and sleeveless versions and you can see it's a bit wide.

Fabrics by the Yard describes the fabric as "stretchy lighter weight super soft knit, 96% rayon, 4% spandex", which I found to be accurate. They have a wide selection of rayon knits with design choices to include stripes, animal prints, floral, and more.  They do require a minimum 4-yard cut but the prices are so reasonable it's worth it. You just have a little left over to sew yourself something else!

I must say I think this colorful fabric fits my 2020 goal of not sewing black quite well :-)

Disclosure: I received this fabric as a gift from Fabrics by the Yard in exchange for a blog post. I have to be honest that I was hesitant to agree to that as I'd never ordered from them before. I was relieved when I received the fabric and discovered it was good quality - whew. Even though the fabric was gifted to me opinions about the fabric are mine.

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  1. This is a very nice and colorful summer dress! It looks comfy and lovely on you ! I like the way you have used the stripes! :)



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