Monday, August 12, 2019

It's a Sunshine Day - Perfect for Wearing my Butterick 6674 Sundress

I do believe we are starting to adjust to this Texas heat! The other night, about 8 pm, we were exiting the grocery story and my husband exclaimed "Oh, it's cooling off!"  Um, it was still 95 degrees F outside.

It might be hot and sticky but what better weather for a sundress!
Sharon wearing Butterick 6674 Sundress
When these photos were taken we were under a heat advisory, ranging from 105 to 110 degrees F.  Pretty much unheard of in Minnesota. However, I doubt east Texas has ever had to deal with minus 40 degrees F below zero during the winter months!
Butterick 6674 sundress pattern by SharonSews
Let's talk about this lovely dress! I feel really good in this dress. The fit is great, and I love the colors in the fabric. I do wish I could wear cute sandals with small heels, but I'm still numb on my left side and balance is a bit of an issue. My nuerosurgeon tells me it could be up to a year before the numbness goes away.
Butterick 6674 sundress paback view worn by Sharon of  Sharon Sews
The pattern is Butterick 6674, a fairly new release. The sundress has a scoop neckline, princess seams (with separate pieces for A/B, C, and D cups), a flared skirt, button front, optional patch pockets, and a lined tote bag. 
Butterick 6674 pattern cover  on Sharon Sews blog
I'll admit I don't normally like the D cup pattern pieces in the designs offered by the Big 4. Typically there is a dart, and it's a big one.  However, with the princess seams, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the D cup fit me with no alterations.  Bonus, no sneak peeks when I'm bending over.
Sharon of Sharon Sews blog shows no gaping aspect of Butterick 6674 sundress
I debated if I wanted something with a waistline seam, as my tiny waist said "bye-bye" years ago. I rarely wear belts or tuck my tops into my pants or skirts any longer.

In this case I'm glad I did. I didn't overfit the waist so it's very comfortable, and the narrow self-fabric tie belt is a nice little accent. In fact, I think this design makes me appear to have a waist!

The fabric is a lovely cotton/lycra border print  I purchased in August 2018, at SR Harris in Burnsville, MN. Long before I knew we'd be moving to east Texas! I cut the dress out on the cross grain as I didn't want that solid block of white in the dress.
Border Print Fabric from SR Harris for Butterick 6674

I have to pause here for a moment and acknowledge how much I miss my beloved SR Harris! Where I'm living I have two options to purchase fabric locally: Hobby Lobby and Walmart. I was so spoiled with the amazing fabrics, choices and prices at SR Harris! I'm happy that quite a stash of fabric moved with me, and I've already alerted my hubby that I will be stocking up at SR when we make any Minnesota visits.

Ok, back to the dress. There are no facings as the armholes and neckline are finished with bias binding. Do yourself a favor and make your own. It's so simple to make. When I only need a small amount, like with this pattern, I use the little hand tools and my iron. Larger amounts I use the Simplicity bias tape maker machine (that I was fortunate enough to find for $19.99 at a Tuesday Morning a few years ago.)
Self fabric bias binding for Butterick 6674
The binding finishes the inside nicely.
View of matching bias binding on Butterick 6674 Sundress by Sharon Sews
There are 11 buttons down the center front. I always do a practice buttonhole before doing the the finals on any garment I'm sewing. That way I can make sure I have the right size buttonhole, and that my stitches look good.

So why is it that my test buttonhole is almost perfect and my machine acts up on the first buttonhole I sewed on the dress!?!  Grrrrr.  Fortunately, I always do my first buttonhole at the bottom edge just in case something like this does happen.
Messed up buttonhole on Butterick 6674
There is no interfacing in the dress. The front band is created by folding the front edge over twice, so the buttonholes are stitched through three layers of fabric. I ended up adding a small piece of tear-away stabilizer under each buttonhole and after that my machine stitched all 11 perfectly.

The dress truly is an easy sew and if you're looking to squeeze in one last sundress of the season I'd recommend this pattern!

Butterick 6674 Sundress by Sharon of Sharon Sews blog on dressform

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  1. Nancy2:53 PM

    Cute dress! I know what you mean about moving from Minnesota to Texas - we did it almost 30 years ago now, it takes a while to adjust to the heat. I don't know where you are in Texas, but there is a fabric district in Dallas on Perth street that has some great bargains and more variety than Joanns or Hobby Lobby.

    1. Hi Nancy, yes it's been quite an adjustment! I'm about 2-1/2 hours east of Dallas so fabric shopping will have to be a planned weekend trip!

  2. I just bought this pattern so I'm glad to see a review for it. Particularly that you like the D cup bodice as that is what I'll be sewing. It looks like a great dress for serious heat!

    1. Oh good! I'm glad the review was helpful for you.

  3. Looks lovely and cool! Very pretty.

  4. Another on my to-sew list! I LOVE this on you! The silhouette is so perfect and the print is gorgeous!!

    1. Thanks! This is such an easy sew you'll be able to get one done yet to wear before the Minnesota summer ends!

  5. Cute dress! AND, welcome to Texas! Yes, our summers can be brutal with temps in excess of 100 during July and August (and sometimes in September). This year, July wasn't so bad; don't think we had any days over 100. A friend who was raised in Ohio said he will gladly take the Texas heat so he can have the Texas winters! I'm in Kaufman County--how far east are you?

    1. Thanks! We are slowly getting used to the constant heat and humidity, but know we're going to be thrilled with the winter season! I'm in Harrison County (at the border of Gregg County), about an hour away from Tyler, Texas and Shreveport, LA.



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