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A Short Jacket Vest in Wool and Faux Leather - Burda 09/2018 #109

I changed jobs recently, and one of the negatives is my new office is C-O-L-D!  Not only am I adapting my work wardrobe to be more casual, I've discovered I need multiple layers to be semi-comfortable in my office.  That's why I choose this pattern for my December BurdaStyle project. 
Image of Sharon wearing BurdaStyle 09-2018-109 Short Jackets
It's described as a short jacket, although I think of it as a vest.  I made two versions. One from faux leather (on left) and the other from a medium-weight wool. I have a third version cut out from a sheer fabric, however I haven't sewn it yet.

The wool fabric is black with small taupe flowers. It's actually reversible but I wear more black than taupe so I went with that as the "right" side.  The fabric was purchased locally at SR Harris - of course :-)  And there was still some left on the bolt when I was there last weekend...just saying.

Oh my goodness! This fabric is so beautiful in person, but yikes, what a challenge it was to sew. It raveled like crazy. And of course my serger started acting up just when I needed it to finish those unruly seams.  Grrrr....I was able to serge some of the exposed edges so they looked halfway decent, but ended up using some Seams Great to finish the shoulder and side seams.
Image of Closeup of inside seam finished with Seams Great
This short jacket only consists of two pattern pieces. I sewed my normal size without any adjustments.  I found the design to run generous and I probably could have gone down a size.  Although I didn't do an FBA, I did add 1-1/2 " to the center front tapering to zero at the side seam to prevent the front pulling up at the hemline due to my full bust.
Image of Sharon wearing wool BurdaStyle short jacket, 09-2018-109, on sewing blog
The only tricky part about sewing this was stitching the self-facing and cut-on collar. There's a dart at the top that needs to be clipped carefully so the facing and collar fit nicely.  I had to be extra careful due to the fraying of this fabric.
The pattern called for snap fasteners, but I choose to add two buttons and buttonholes. I used two beautiful black vintage buttons that I had found in a thrift store a few years ago.

Here's a pic of the pattern as shown in the magazine and on the BurdaStyle website.  It is 09/2018 #109.
I wanted to sew a version using mohair (as shown in the pattern pic), or a lightweight faux fur, but just could not find anything locally that caught my eye.  Seriously, how could I not find something at my beloved SR Harris?!?

The second version, the red faux leather, was not one I planned on sewing. Over the past few months, hubby and I have been on a major "clear out the excess" kick, donating and giving away things we no longer need or want.

As I was going through my fabric stash looking for pieces I no longer wanted, I came across this red faux leather and decided to sew myself another short jacket. I'm glad I did as I really like this one. (Although now that I'm looking at the pics I can see I'll need to be careful with my styling so it doesn't look like part of a costume.)
This time I didn't have to worry about fraying fabric, and topstitched the shoulder and side seams just for decoration.
On this red one you can see the neck dart detail more clearly.
I didn't want to attempt to stitch buttonholes in this faux leather so I added an unusual metal closure I had in my button stash.
The closure was one of two I had purchased from Hancock Fabrics about a decade ago. (See why I need to go through my "stuff" and clear it out?)  I am not positive if I sewed it on correctly, but it stays closed so I guess it doesn't matter does it?
As I took photos for this blog post, the temps were hovering around 10℉, (but sunny!) and I was trying to get done as quickly as possible.  However the cold temps certainly didn't bother my two girls, who both were curious as to what I was doing and kept photobombing my pics.
This short jacket is the perfect layering piece for the cold weather, but I can also see it working in warmer temps out of lightweight fabric layered over a tee.

This PDF pattern was provided to me at no charge as my December BurdaStyle Influencer project.

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  1. Great job on these two!
    I am always indignant when I can't find something at SRH! LOL!!!

  2. Really cute jackets.

  3. Very cute style and it looks great on you Sharon. I like the white/taupe one best and I think it plays up your dark hair beautifully. Your hair is quite long these days and I'm liking it a lot!
    Of course I'm SUPER curious about your job change!! I hope you'll text soon and give me the details!! Love, Jude

  4. Both are really cute vests/jkts and will probably get a lot of wear this winter!

  5. Super cute! Both of them look fantastic. :)



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