Saturday, January 27, 2018

McCall's 7688: A Stripe and Floral Hoodie

As I was browsing the Facebook page of one of the many boutiques I follow, I came across a simple knit hoodie with a striped bodice and floral sleeves and hood.  Under normal circumstances I may have popped into the boutique to purchase the hoodie.  However, as I've made a commitment to the 2018 RTW Fast, I decided to sew my own version.
I used McCall's 7688 and sewed view C, substituting the sleeve and cuff for the sleeves with the casing and tie. The fabrics are Liverpool knits from Cali Fabrics.  Let me pause for a moment to tell you how much I like Cali Fabrics!  I've ordered a few times in the past year and fabrics are always described accurately, are beautiful in person, and they ship fast!
I used the 1" black and white stripe for the body front and back, and chose to have the stripes vertical on the lower band for visual interest.

The hood, which will always be worn down, is cut from the floral fabric.
There's a seam in the center of the hood. The instructions have you stitch the seam, press to one side, and topstitch in place.  It's knit fabric so it won't ravel, but I wanted to make the inside look a bit nicer.  I trimmed one of the seams, pressed both to one side, turned under 1/4"on the top seam, and stitched in place.
Since I wear my hair down (unless I'm working out) that inside seam will not be shown. But I like knowing that it has a clean look - even though I forgot to change the bobbin to white thread :-)
After stitching the hood to the top, I pressed the seam towards the garment, and edge stitched around the neckline to help hold the seam in place.  I like to use the markings on my pressure foot to guide my stitches.
The pattern only has markings to align the top of the front pocket to the front of the shirt.  I used a ruler to make sure everything was centered, and then lined the pocket top and bottom edge along the stripe.

I used Coats & Clark Eloflex thread, which I purchased locally at Joann Fabrics, for the entire project.  It worked beautifully on this knit.  I did wind the bobbin slower than I normally would, and adjusted the tension to get a nice stitch. There's no need to use a stretch stitch or small zig-zag when sewing knits using this thread. I love stretching the fabric and trying to pop the stitches after I've sewn them - so far so good!  I really like this thread!
I found the pattern, McCall's 7688, to have a generous amount of ease.  I sewed View E a few weeks ago (the dress with front drawstring), and cut a medium, with a small FBA. (I typically use a size 12/14 with an FBA in the Big 4 pattern companies.)  The dress was HUGE!  I ended up making it smaller.

When I cut out this hoodie I started with a small in the neck/shoulder area and tapered to a medium at the bust/waist/hip. The bottom band is a bit tight. Since I cut it crosswise it didn't have as much stretch and a cutting it slightly larger would have helped.

Overall I'm really pleased with my striped/floral hoodie!  It's not a style I'm typically drawn to, but I do see myself tossing it on with jeans for a fun, casual look and plan on using this pattern again!

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  1. Wow! I didn't realize that the hoodie pattern was in with the drawstring dress that's a good use of this pattern. Love the fabrics you chose for this and didn't realize that you were part of the RTW Fasters. That's gonna make following you this year fun! Can't wait to see what you come up with in 2018!

  2. Great top. Love the stripe/floral mix.

  3. Really cute top!

  4. What a great combination of fabrics!

  5. Cute! That looks so bright and cheery and warm! Great job!

  6. Sharon, this is so cute, and very inspiring. Always love your work :-)

  7. Gorgeous, I love love love the combination and placement of the fabrics.



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