Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Instant Sewing Gratification: The Simplicity 8529 "Toaster" Sweater

About a year ago I noticed a plethora of reviews for a "toaster sweater" popping up on sewing blogs. I was intrigued. Every version looked great on the wearer, and it did indeed look like a top I'd love to snuggle into during our cold weather months. (About nine months out of the year, LOL!)

I did a quick Google search and discovered it was an indie pattern by Sew House Seven. I made a mental note to return to the site and purchase the pattern, but promptly forgot.

Until I saw this offering in the Simplicity catalog.  It's Simplicity 8529, a pullover top from Sew House Seven. It's very similar to the popular Toaster Sweater, but if you look closely you'll spot some differences.
Eager to stitch myself one of these cozy sweaters, I made a trip to SR Harris where I found this lightweight plaid.  It was the perfect piece of fabric to test the pattern.  Note that I didn't cut this on the bias, the plaid is printed diagonally. 
I sewed view A, the one shown in pink on the front cover of the envelope. There are only four pattern pieces for this view, so stitching this up was pretty quick.

The instructions are clearly written, and I found all of the pattern pieces fit together nicely. I liked the directions given for the neck facing as it creates a nice clean finish at the funnel neckline. I added a size tag to the back. Not because it was needed to determine front from back, but because I like to include size tags in items I may end up donating.
The sweater is quite loose fitting. I figured it would be but still cut my normal combo of Small/Medium, but it feels like there is a lot of extra ease.  That could very well be because I used a lightweight sweater knit. I think I'll keep the sizing the same on the next one, which will be a much heavier sweater knit, before I decide if I need to adjust the size.

I really the hi lo hem and was delighted when I discovered I had matched the plaid!  Quite by accident though. I will say that this is one thing I don't like about the pattern: the opening on the side is high!  I don't wish to expose that area of my body, not just because of my extra fluff but because it's cold here! When I was outside taking these pics it was a bit chilly when the cold air swept through that opening onto my bare skin! If you don't plan to wear this with a high-waisted garment, keep that in mind.
The sleeves have a band which is a feature I like.
The top has a drop shoulder, which I think you can see better in the back view.
This top I was able to whip up in about two hours start to finish. Remember though, that I did zero pattern alterations, which is where I generally spent a fair amount of time when I sew a project.

This design reminds me of a tunic I saw on one of my favorite local boutique's Facebook page. And they are selling theirs for $52.  Which isn't a bad price, but I love knowing that I can get a similar look for less all while enjoying the process of creating it myself ! 

I'm quite pleased with my first sweater from this pattern. It's cute and comfy and exactly what I want when I need to toss on something casual.

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  1. Looks like the perfect cozy sew for winter!

  2. Amazing that you found Sew House Seven on Simplicity! Who knew?! I am one of those extolling the numerous virtues of the Toaster having just finished 2 of them and I have no doubt there are many more in my future. I hesitated about buying this pattern because I thought I have so many knit top patterns already, how could this be so different but it IS. It's loose without looking baggy. It's surprisingly flattering and comfortable. Congratulations on this find! Your top looks just like mine - comfortable and flattering :)

  3. SHS has a couple of patterns with Simplicity. I like raglan and the bottom band a little more on the Toaster, but the overall fit is that same relaxed, comfy-but-not-sloppy sweatshirt! And that fabric is nice!



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