Saturday, November 25, 2017

Bell Sleeves, Ombre Fabric and Lace Trim Equals Easy Elegance: Vogue 9270 Review

With slightly belled sleeves, textured lace trim, and an ombre floral knit fabric, this tunic was destined to be a winner. 
Have you ever looked at through your clothing and come to realization that the look you want for an upcoming event is no where to be found in your closet?  Yea, me too. That's how this tunic came to be. 

We had plans to see Little River Band and the day before the event I had one of those "I want to wear something cute, trendy, casual and comfy and I don't own anything like that!"moments. (Side note: that's actually not true, I really just wanted something new!)

So, I made a quick stop to the local JoAnn Fabrics store and picked up Vogue 9270 and almost two yards of this lightweight, ombre floral print knit fabric (which was all that was left on the bolt).  The fabric was not on sale, but I was able to use a 40% off coupon, which made it reasonably priced.
I choose the pattern because it was rated easy (remember, I only gave myself less than a day to sew this),  and it had princess seams, making it easy for me to do a small full bust adjustment (FBA). I also did a slight forward shoulder adjustment, a sway back adjustment, and removed 1" from the length.  Next time I'll remove length from the sleeves as I don't like how long they are.
The pattern is a Very Easy Vogue and I would agree with the rating.  I was able to eliminate the back zipper since I used a knit.  The fit is very loose. I ended up taking in the side front, side back and side seams.  I also found the sleeve pulls across my upper arm if I raise my arms. Which isn't a problem in  knit, but would be if I had use one of the recommended fabrics (silk crepe, challis, velvet, lace, etc.) 
After I finished the top and put it on, I found if I pulled the entire top up and pinned out 1" at along the entire shoulder seam that made the sleeves fit better. So you fit gurus - what's my solution?  Do I need to do a petite adjustment across my upper chest? Or just raise the armhole higher?

The upper and lower portions of the sleeve are cut separately.  That worked in my favor as I barely had enough fabric to cut this out.  The pattern calls for 3" wide lace, but I used a beautiful textured flat black lace that was only 2" wide since I already had it in my stash.  The lace is added while the sleeve is flat. It is sewn over the seam attaching the upper sleeve to the lower sleeve. The instructions have you add the lace to the bottom of the sleeve before stitching the sleeve seam, but I added the sleeve hem lace at the end instead.
The instructions call for the neck edge to be finished with purchased bias tape. That is not my preferred method. Instead I cut a 2" wide strip of fabric the length of the neck opening, folded it in half lengthwise (wrong sides together), pressed lightly, stitched it to the neck edge with a 3/8" seam allowance, pressed it up and stitched it in place.
The top was finished in about two hours, and was perfect for the venue!  I sewed it two weeks ago and have already worn it multiple times. I guess I better plan on another one!

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  1. Loving the way you just whipped this up for the concert. The dark floral fabric is very cool and very on trend this year This is a comfy top for a concert but just dressy casual enough too! A beautiful compromise!! Your former student Jude

  2. Yep, it's definitely a WINNER!

  3. Love your top! That lace embellishment looks so nice with that fabric :)

  4. Gorgeous top! Yes, sometimes you just need something new to wear.
    About your armhole issue... I've had a similar problem. I just borrowed an armhole from a top that fit comfortably and drew it on the problem pattern (which, essentially, was a matter of making the armhole smaller). Just don't forget to also adjust the sleeve - if the armhole is smaller, the sleeve also has to be smaller.
    Guess you'll be even faster at putting together the next top - now that you have all the fit issues sorted.

  5. I love everything about this top - the fabric is gorgeous and it looks like it's the perfect top for dressing up or down.

  6. nice bLog! its interesting. thank you for sharing.... dress trimmings



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