Saturday, March 04, 2017

Vogue 8670: A Basic Black Top with a Touch of Faux Leather

Basic black. Mock turtleneck. Raglan sleeves.  Sounds a bit bland doesn't it? Perhaps. But it's just what was lacking in my winter wardrobe. 
However, the added design detail of a right-side button closure and contrast faux leather cuffs kicks it up a notch. 
The textured knit was in a Fabric Mart Fabrics bundle I had received free with purchase during one of their fabric sales.

The pattern is Vogue 8670 (c. 2010).  I've sewn it a few times, and have it altered to fit thus the handwritten "Keep | FBA" note to myself.  Otherwise I'd likely toss the pattern during one of my "I have too much sewing stuff" phases!  The darts are the reason I originally choose this pattern as I find it  quicker to do an FBA when there is an existing dart on the pattern.
That button closure along the right-side?  It's functional.  But it could simply be decorative if you only wanted to sew on buttons versus creating the placket.   The top can be slipped on without undoing the buttons.
While I would have preferred long sleeves (hello? Minnesota winters!) there was only enough fabric for the 3/4 version, even with the addition of the faux leather cuffs. I discovered I didn't wear this nearly as much as I thought I would because the sleeves weren't full length.  Whenever I wore the top I ended up turning those cuffs up making them even narrower. I may remove the cuffs and just make the bottom portion of the sleeves faux leather. 
This was the third time I've used the pattern, so I guess I would consider it one of my TNT patterns.  I certainly plan on sewing more! 

P.S. the ground is not currently covered in snow. These pics were taken in November 2016, right after I sewed the top. Pin It


  1. Buttons - nice touch!

  2. Love the top! A few design details really make a difference to boring black. Interesting fabric.

  3. Love your version. Have been wanting to buy this pattern, but could not justify another pattern due to my pattern stash. After seeing your version, will be buying.

  4. The buttons are a really fun detail!

  5. This basic black top is a bae ;) i love your work sharon and also your blog. i hope you keep posting fun stuff for your regular viewers like me, have a blast and smile wide.

  6. These one sided buttons on neck are looking decent. A simple sweater has changed its look by just adding buttons on the neckline. I like black color because it looks perfect with any jeans and jacket. I usually prefer blue and it goes good with that.



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