Wednesday, October 12, 2016

McCall's 7441 Drape-back Floral Knit Cardi

"My hubby's going to hate this one!"  That was my first thought as I held up and inspected my completed drape-back cardi from McCall's 7441.   That thought was immediately followed by "Who cares? I like it".
I've learned after nearly 20 years of marriage that our design aesthetics are almost polar opposites. I  simply wear things he really dislikes when I'm out with my girlfriends. This is one of those items.

I suspect to some the back drape on this cardi may look odd, but it's what intrigued me enough to purchase the pattern, McCall's7441.  The design is a simple-to-sew cardi with a draped back and optional hood.
I'm between a small and a medium. I cut the medium so I wouldn't have to do an FBA (full bust adjustment). However,  I found the cardi was quite large on me in the neck/shoulder area. Like sloppy, keep-trying-to-pull-it-in-place, large. I tried to salvage it by removing the sleeves, cutting some fabric away in the upper chest and back area, and reattaching the sleeves but it still doesn't fit properly. I'll cut the smaller size in the shoulder area and do an FBA on the next one.
It's wearable if I tie it in front rather than leave the front edges hanging free.
Construction is so simple.  This is view C and there are only three pattern pieces. Stitch the center back seam, stitch the front and back together at the shoulder seam (I stabilized the shoulder seam with clear elastic), stitch the side seam, add the sleeves, and hem edges with a narrow hem.  I sewed the sleeves in flat, meaning I added the sleeves before stitching the side and sleeve seams. 
To hem, I added a strip of Steam-a-Seam to the wrong side of the fabric before turning the fabric to the wrong side and stitching.

I used a beautiful floral border print rayon jersey knit that I purchased about two years ago at SR Harris Fabric Warehouse.  The flowers were very large, and I didn't have enough fabric to lay out the pattern pieces in a symmetrical pattern, but it's not that noticeable with the back drape.
I feel like I'm wearing a large watercolor painting :-) 
This cardi - view C - called for 2-3/4 yards of 60"wide fabric.  You won't be able to skimp on this.  A lot of fabric is needed for the drape on that back pattern piece.
I like it. I think it's a fun cardi and plan on sewing myself another for the fall season.

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  1. I love it! It's just different enough for me without being so different I'd stick out and become an object for stares. Gorgeous fabric!

    1. Thank you! Yes, that's exactly what I thought - just different enough to be interesting!

  2. Very dramatic! Love it!

  3. husband is the same. I really like your cardigan, the fabric is wonderful. Having worked in a bank all my adult life, I wore very conservative clothing all day. I love stuff like this to wear after work, or for going out.

  4. Is this fabric still available? I love it!

  5. Awesome!That print is dead perfect for it!

  6. Really like this, I think the drape is lovely and the fabric really works so well



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