Saturday, May 16, 2015

Butterick 6172 - pullover tunic with asymmetric hi-low hem

"What's that thing hanging down in back?"  
Ha!  Not exactly what I expected to hear when I modeled this for my hubby. 

Yea, the back is long and asymmetric, and yea, I do care about his opinions. But I still like the oddness of this tunic and plan on wearing it this summer. 
The pattern is Butterick 6172, view C.  The pattern is described as a loose-fitting, pullover top or tunic has narrow hem and shaped hemline variations.  
 One thing I take into consideration when purchasing patterns is how simple it will be for me to do an FBA (full bust adjustment).  This pattern showed darts in the illustration so I knew it'd be easy to adjust.
Except, that top layer does not have a dart. 
Soooo,  do I debated if I should add one or if there would be enough ease with out the dart. I choose to alter the pattern and add a dart.  Rather than alter both sides I traced one half of the top, did my FBA and traced a new complete pattern piece using the altered piece as a guide.
I used an large scarf (the blue print) and a polka dot rayon challis from my stash. I wasn't positive if I would like this or not so I didn't want to invest too much into the fabric. 

There are three layers in the front each graduating in length.  The back is one solid piece. 

Each layer is hemmed separately and sewn into the side seam with the exception of the top layer which is not sewn into the side seam on the right side only.

This is how I did my narrow hems.  First I stitched single layer close to the raw edge. Next I turned the fabric to the wrong side and stitched again. Finally I turned the fabric one more time and stitched the hem in place. The fabric is lightweight and I found changing to a straight stitch throat plate kept the fabric from getting pulled down.

I eliminated the combination neck/armhole facing and finished those edges with bias binding instead. 
I know this is supposed to be loose-fitting, which it is, but I think it's a bit too large. I'll still wear it but the next version I'll go down in size, especially in the neck/shoulder area.  I'll probably bring that back up a bit too as I plan on wearing this with flats, not heels. The armholes are also a bit low and my bra peeks out a bit (which isn't too noticeable here as I'm wearing a blue one).  
I'd recommend the pattern. It's a pretty quick sew, and the style is similar to what I've seen in local boutiques lately. 


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  1. I like it! Husband critique is always interesting!

  2. Eclectic -- definitely with boutique appeal. My kind of top-I love it.

  3. wow, that is so cool. I love your choices of fabrics and the "thing hanging down in back" is so pretty in motion.

  4. Very cute! I have this one in the queue and appreciate your comments on the length of the back. I had planned on shortening mine as to not have the point, which basically means using the back from the other view.

    Looks great and summery.

  5. What a nice spring/summer top! Turned out wonderful and love the fabric.

  6. That is beautiful! I love your fabric choices on this. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. What a beautiful top! Love that uneven hem and all the layers.

  8. Great fabric choices. Interesting top and I think it looks good on you!

  9. I wanted to see what this looked like on a real person. I put it in the cart and took it out of the cart and now I think I need to buy it before the sale ends. This is awesome on you and I really like the fabrics you chose!



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