Sunday, February 16, 2014

Vogue 8975 - I'm loving it

Whaddya think?

To be honest with you, I wasn't positive I would like this style. It's out of my comfort zone as I like my clothes a little more fitted and a little more tailored.  But after tossing it on to take a quick pick I could hardly wait to tell you how comfy this little dress is!

I was immediately drawn to the gray version when this pattern was released recently and purchased it during a Club BMV sale.  It's a Marcy Tilton design, Vogue 8975, with some great details and interesting pieces - like a puzzle (as Martha already noted when reviewing her fabulous version!)

Soon after purchasing the pattern I stumbled across a multi-colored stripe cotton knit at Hancock Fabrics and knew I'd found the fabric for the dress. I paired the stripe knit with a black ITY knit which worked beautifully for this design.

Those pockets are to die for!  So cleverly constructed and the front drape is created with a simple tacking the bottom of the dress to the pocket on the inside.

You can also see some that front V on the inside view. That detail is hidden with the solid black fabric. 

The lower back is two separate fabric pieces, the large stripe piece and the smaller black on the lower left.

The back of the dress from the inside.

The front hangs lower than the back as you can see from the side view.

Okay, the show and tell portion is over - now onto the fit and sewing review.

The pattern is rated "average" and that might be because of the multiple "puzzle" pieces.  I found it to be an easy dress to sew.  Almost everything matched up - I had one problem that I still can't figure out so I'm not sure if it was because I was cutting in between sizes or if it was the pattern. When I got to step 4 where you sew the lower front to the lower side front forming the corners that eventually get tacked inside to the pockets, well my seams didn't match.  One side was about 2" too long.  Like I said, I couldn't figure it out so I just chopped that extra fabric off. Seems to have worked out okay. 

As usual the instructions would have you sew the sleeves in after sewing the side seams.  I sewed the sleeves in flat, like I always do with knits, and then sewed the side seams.

The dress is described as very loose-fitting but noted as close-fitting through the bust).  Wanting to keep the integrity of the design I did a very small FBA using a pivot and slide method before cutting out the pattern using the size I typically would use in a Vogue (12/top, 14/bottom).  I cut between a S and M in the shoulder/neckline, tapering to a M at the bust/waist/hip. Holy loose-fitting Batman!  The shoulders fit me nicely (I have narrow, sloping shoulders so you have broad shoulders you'll want to be aware of the fit) but everything else just kinda hung loosely.  I ended up taking in 1" on each side seam beginning about mid-way at the sleeve tapering back to the seamline at the pockets. I didn't want to lose any of those great pockets!  That provided a much better fit but it's still pretty loose and I'll likely make a smaller size if I sew this one again.

I feared with my body type the design may look matronly on me, but I think it works.  I can see this being a go-to dress when the weather warms up.  I kinda wish I would have made the sleeves long as I could wear it right now with tights and boots!

For now it will go into my closet awaiting the soon (fingers crossed) to arrive spring weather.


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  1. A lovely fun dress. I'm surprised you said it was easy to sew as it looks complicated from you early pictures I guess your description of it being a jigsaw must be right and it's easy once all the pieces come together.

    1. Thanks Tracy. It was easier to sew than I thought it would be - everything went together really well. Well, except for that pesky 2" extra seam length I couldn't figure out :-)

  2. I swooned when I saw the back. Of course the front is wonderful, but your fabric choice on the back is just perfect. Makes the back as cute and flattering as the front. I had trouble with that extra 2" at the front too. Vogue omitted the instructions for that. Great piece.

    1. Thanks Martha! The design details aren't as prominent without the contrast don't you think? I just couldn't figure out that extra 2"!

  3. Love this! I also bought the pattern when it came out and now I need to get to it ASAP! Great fabric choices and it looks great on you.

    1. Thanks Juliane. Can't wait to see yours.

  4. yes, please. This is adorable!

  5. Love your fabric choices!

  6. Greetings there will be a way to make a video tutorial of the dress V8975



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