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Eight silly monkeys and a pinafore dress - Simplicity 2461

Some time ago I stumbled across a copy of the book " Eight Silly Monkeys Jumping on the Bed " - complete with finger puppets.   With a little one's first birthday on the horizon I purchased it knowing she  loves books ( how could she not coming from a long-line of booklovers? ).  The monkey theme was perfect as her grandmother and I have a long running birthday tradition that involves cards with monkeys.  ( You had to be there from the start to understand why we get hysterical over monkey themed birthday cards - but that's one of the great things about sisters, right? Those little inside jokes. ) Anyway, with the monkey book purchased when I found this fabric at SR Harris ( awww, look at that little monkey face ) I knew I had to sew her a dress to go along with the book.  Besides, her great-grandpa is a clown.  ( Yes, he really is... ) And these aren't just monkeys.  They're circus monkeys! Did you notice the zipper at the back of the dress?  I can'