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I do tables too: another DIY project

I swear this family room / dining room redo is taking forever.  But considering we moved in here eight years ago and have yet to complete the kitchen makeover I guess a few months on this room is nothing. So far we've ripped up the carpet, installed a wood floor and painted the walls. I customized and lengthened new curtains , sewed a one-yard beaded table runner , and customized a set of accent tables. As a huge bargain shopper I found the glass top I wanted,  in the size I wanted,  at a price I liked - three tables for less than $200, and that included tax! But the bottom piece was a glossy black - not the look I was going for at all. While considering if I should purchase the set, I knelt down to check out the black finish wondering how easy it would be to paint over the black. Then it hit me. I'm a DIYer! Why couldn't I just rewrap that section in fabric?  And that's what I did.  Easy peasy.  I'll show you how. Gather your tools. You'll need a scre