Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall, fleece and finishing old projects - Simplicity 9822

There's something about the fall weather that leads me to two things: baking and decluttering.  At first glance they don't seem to go together do they? But I think it's about nesting. Getting ready to spend more time indoors as the weather cools down.

As I was decluttering I found this poncho pattern and fabric tucked on the top shelf of a closet. Already cut out and ready to go.

So what to do, what to do...

Do I place it back in the closet? Do I toss it into the donation pile? Do I take the time to sew the poncho?

Sewing won.

I began about 10 am and less than two hours later I had myself a fleece poncho.

Well, actually it's my daughters. I remembered when I pulled it out of the closet that I had promised to sew this for her.  Oops - better late than never, right?

There are only three pattern pieces. The body of the poncho, the hood and the facing.

With fleece sometimes things shift on me so I pinned the edges of the facing to the wrong side. The facing will be attached to the poncho with stitches on the right side of the poncho.

And as much as I dislike basting I wanted the stitches on the right side to be accurate so I hand basted near the edges of the facing to guide my stitching.

The pattern calls for the edges to be hemmed. Since this is fleece I could have left it as is, however I choose to turn it under and stitch.

I even did quick and dirty mitered corners.

While sewing the hem at the sewing machine, when I came close to the corner I folded the corner in to the wrong side (left photo), turned the side hem in and pinned (center photo) and turned the bottom hem in and pinned (right photo).  

The hood is nice and roomy for those times you just need a little something to protect your head from the weather elements.


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  1. great that you are on a roll finishing up some UFOs - I`m sure your daughter will appreciate this with your cold weather coming up.

  2. I'm sure your daughter is going to love it because it looks comfy and warm!

  3. I'd love something like this for walking the dog in winter. The colour is pretty.

  4. What a wonderful poncho! The colour is just gorgeous.

  5. looks so warm...back in the 70's my mom and her and I matching bright orange courderoy ponchos. I loved them.

  6. Love that color! Mulberry? I have something similar that I wear this time of year until it gets too cold for it.

  7. Lovely - what a pretty colour. Your daughter will love it.

  8. I am glad you decided to sew it. Looks great and DD should love it.

  9. Oh how very cute! and the color--I love it!

  10. That colour is just gorgeous! I'm sure your daughter will just love wrapping herself up in it during the colder weather; it looks so comfy!

  11. Love the colour! Love the colour! Love the colour! I am also loving the style of this cape. I'm sure your daughtter will love it as well. Did I mention I love the colour? LOL

  12. Love this! It looks really comfy and the colour is amazing :)



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