Monday, June 06, 2011

The a jacket a month project (finally) begins

Okay, so I thought I would begin the A Jacket A Month project a few months ago.

Like six months ago to be exact.

That's not so bad.  After all, I almost have one finished.

It's a little linen number using a newer McCall's design - McCall's 6294 
McCall's 6294, Melissa Watson for Palmer / Pletsch (image from

I'm sewing the shorter version in a natural linen that has just a hint of metallic threads woven through out.

The fabric was purchased at ...

wait for it ...

wait for it...

wait for it...

JoAnn Fabrics!

I know, right?  It surprised me too.  We'll see how it holds up, but so far I don't think its too bad.

So far so good on the jacket.  Nothing unusual on the construction end. 

One interesting detail I want to point out before I go.

That wide collar is one of the easiest collars I've ever sewn. The label is actually two pieces with a seam that meets at the point.

And there you have it.

The slow, yet steady, progress on jacket number one for the A Jacket A Month project.

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  1. Love the collar on that jacket!

  2. that's about how fast I move on my projects too, lol. and don't you like JoAnn Fabrics?

  3. Anonymous10:25 AM

    I have this pattern as well--love the collar! The fabric looks great in the close up. I look forward to seeing the completed product. Vita

  4. I'm so behind on reading my blogs! I'm finally seeing all you've been up to. I'm always so inspired when I see what you make.
    I've never been to a Joann's, but everyone always talks about it as if it's wonderful. As someone who sews, perhaps you know better...?



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