Thursday, December 16, 2010

How to: Holiday Wreath Portrait Pillow Sewing Tutorial

This little sweetie pie is one of the newest additions to our family.  I think she's the perfect subject for this personalized holiday wreath portrait pillow.

Here's how you can make one for a little sweetie in your life.


1/3 yard main fabric (for pillow)
3" x 16" scrap of fabric (contrast strip)
1 yard red rick-rack trim
1-1/2 yards green ribbon (for wreath)
1/3 yard light green ribbon (for bow)
1-2/3 yards pink pom-pom trim (or enough to go around the outside of the pillow)
1 - 12" x 16" pillow form
1 - Ink-Jet fabric sheet
Digital photo
Removable ink marking pen
Fabric glue
15 red decorative craft stones
Zipper foot
Small ruler or seam gauge


Seam allowance is 1/2"

Re size the digital photo you choose to approximately 5" x 5".

Print onto the ink-jet fabric sheet and cut out. 

Draw a circle around the part of the photo you want on the pillow. To make it easier, trace a circle using something like the top of a large yogurt container.  (By the way, this Seven Stars Organic unsweetened yogurt is awesome, especially with fresh blueberries.  Mmmmmm.)

Cut out the circle photo. Don't worry if it's not exact. The ribbon wreath will cover the edges.

Place four strips of double-faced basting tape to backside of photo. Set photo aside.

Cut two 12" x 16" rectangles of main pillow fabric.  This will result in a puffy pillow as the rectangles are the same measurements of the pillow form. Add 1" to each measurement (13" x 17") if you prefer a flatter look.

Set aside one rectangle as we'll be adding all the embellishments to the front of the pillow.

Cut 1 piece of contrast fabric 3" x 16".

Press under 1/2" on each long end of the contrast fabric strip.  My white fabric was rather thin and I could see my main fabric through it, so I added a second layer.

Pin contrast band 3" from bottom of the front fabric rectangle.

Cut two 16" pieces of rick-rack. Place on each long edge of contrast band and stitch in place.

Remove tape from double-faced basting tape on photo circle. Place photo circle on top of contrast band 3" from right side of front fabric rectangle.

If you want, baste in place very close to the edge. Don't worry about matching your thread color as the ribbon wreath will hide the thread.

Place the 1-1/2 yard of green grosgrain ribbon near the bottom of the photo circle. Pin end in place. Measure 1-1/2" from end of ribbon.

Keeping ruler or seam gauge in place fold the green ribbon over 1".  Pin near bottom of fold to hold in place.  Repeat.

Continue until the ribbon wreath encircles the entire photo.

Sew each fold in place, removing each pin as you sew.

Make a bow from 12" of ribbon, Sew in place covering raw edges of the bottom of ribbon wreath. Trim edges to desired length.

Place pom pom trim on right side 1/2" in on all four edges of front fabric rectangle as shown. Using a zipper foot baste in place.

Pin the front and back fabric rectangles together with right sides facing. Place the front fabric rectangle on top so you can use the basted line as your stitching guide line.

Sew all four sides. Be sure to leave a 7" to 8" opening at the bottom to turn the pillow right side out and to insert a pillow form.

Trim each corner diagonally to remove bulk at corners. Turn right side out.

Insert pillow form.

Pin opening closed.

Hand stitch opening closed.

Gather fabric glue and red "rhinestones".

In groups of three, glue red craft "rhinestones" on ribbon wreath.

You are now done!

This particular Christmas pillow is for one of my sisters who will be enjoying her first Christmas as a grandmother.

Now you go make someone very happy by presenting one of these personalized pillows as a gift this season.  

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