Thursday, December 03, 2009

One Yard Wonders Picnic-Tastic Lunch Mats

One Yard Wonders Picnic Placemats

This set of picnic placemats deserve more than your ordinary ham and cheese sandwich with chips and a pickle. These cuties cry out for a Lemon Basil Shrimp Salad followed by a rich three-layer turtle cake - all from Cafe Latte of course.

Mmmm, I love Cafe Latte. Do they have a restaurant like this where you live? It's filled with mouth-watering to die for desserts (Which you have to order them first. And they know it. That's why they're are prominently placed at the beginning of the food line.) followed by an array of wondrously delicious sandwiches, or salads or soups. Mmmmm, I'm getting hungry just writing this.

But enough about food. I want you to know about another great project I just completed from the One Yard Wonders book.

On page 60 you'll find the instructions for this set of black and white placemats aka the "Picnic-Tastic Lunch Mats". They have a small pocket to place your eating utensils as well as a loop to keep your napkin in place.

While these are intended as placemats for a picnic, I think a set of these would be great for someone who carries their lunch to work everyday. Like me! But sadly, it's not from Cafe Latte. It's just a big ole boring salad from my own kitchen. And there's no three-layer turtle cake, or melt-in-your mouth cheesecake, or sinfully delicious flourless chocolate cake in my lunch either.

Don't you think these placemats, along with some of your favorite recipes (handwritten on cute cards naturally) would make a great gift? Heck, you might as well throw in a set of silver wear since you only need one yard of fabric to make four placemats. Cute and easy on the budget! And I saved the best part for last. You can measure, cut and sew them in less than one hour.

This project was designed by one of the authors, Rebecca Yaker. You can see more of her work at

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  1. This is an interesting idea. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice - take another yard and make napkins, and you'd be set for some really classy picnicing. How long have you had the new banner at the top of your blog?? Nice picture of you!

  3. I love your gift idea for these placemats! Thanks so much for posting several of the one-yard wonders projects from the book.

  4. They are so cute!

  5. Oh it is exactly what I need ... for myself. I bring my lunch to work, and I carry my silverware with me! I micht as well do one for my friend...
    Thanks for sharing.

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