Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekend wrapup: ch-ch-ch-changes


The alteration kind that is.

The oh-this-isn't-much-fun kind of alterations.

You know the type.

A bit tedious, but all necessary to achieve a better fit in a store bought garment.

So what did I work on?

Move a button on a new pair of men's pants.

Shorten sleeves on a denim jacket. This particular denim jacket sleeves had decorative zippers at the hem which needed to be removed and reinserted. Ugh. The zipper tape raveled something fierce when I removed the zippers. Since the zipper tape was exposed on the inside I had to get creative. I ended up binding the zipper edges in a bright bias tape to coordinate with the Amy Butler print I used for the inside facing. In hindsight it would have been easier to shorten the sleeves by doing multiple decorative tucks - or something like that.

Let out a waistband on a pair of women's dress pants. This one is only partially completed but is going quickly. It's a pair I found at a thrift shop. A gorgeous tan lightweight wool, fully lined, flat front pants from Talbots that appeared to have been worn very seldom. Fortunately there were two back darts and I only need to add less than an inch.

Take in the bodice of a wedding dress. I say dress rather than gown because it is more casual than some wedding gowns I've worked on. However that seems to be the trend lately isn't it? This one went so quickly I could hardly believe it! It's hand basted and waiting for tomorrow's fitting before I proceed with the final stitching.

Next up?

Add ruching to the bodice of a wedding gown. This gown is quite stunning. Simple yet stunning. The dress is a simple strapless gown, with allover lace sprinkled with sequins. She will look like she is shimmering when she wears this. All this bride wanted was a but of ruching added to the center front and something decorative to the back. Small, simple and elegant. The ruching I've got covered. I'm still playing with ideas for the back.

Shorten sleeves on women's jacket. I found a great basic Chadwick'swool jacket at Tuesday Morning of all places. For only $9.99. But the sleeves need to be shortened slightly. I admit that sometimes I put my own alterations off while I work on other things, but not this time. It's right there in my line-up.

Hemming. Hemming. Hemming. A pair of men's pants, two pair of women's pants, and two dresses.

Sometimes I take my sewing gift for granted and forget that what I consider simple can be daughting to someone else. I'm grateful that I have the ability to do alterations and help out my friends.

What about you? Do you do alterations? If so, do you enjoy doing them? Pin It


  1. Never have been real big on alterations but I am learning to like it more as it makes the un-wearable, wearable.

  2. Many of my students desire to learn the art of sewing is to do alterations to save money on the hems that are so easy to do. It's not the fun part of sewing but something that everyone needs.

  3. Oh, the dreaded "A" word! I had an alternation business a few years ago. It was like a runaway train. I think people emptied their closets and brought their clothes to me for altering/repaing. I was so relieved when I pulled the plug.

  4. Nope! Can I make that a very loud resounding NO! I hate alterations and haven't done them in ages. Everyone around me personally knows this and no longer asks!

  5. I can do alterations and do for other people, but I pick and choose what I want to do now. It all depends on the difficulty, what's going on in my life and who it's for. Friends and family always. The gal in our local embroidery shop asked me to take over her bridal alterations, which I politely declined. I put a zipper in an expensive ski jacket for a friend's daughter when the afore mentioned shop wanted to charge them an exhorbitant fee. I believe in making a little money, but when they could have almost replaced the jacket for the price of the repair...that doesn't make sense. I'll do hems all day! I even have a sewing machine at work and the students bring me things to repair or alter...never thought my nursing degree would allow me to sew at work! :) So there's the long winded answer for the day!

  6. Sometimes you just have to buckle down and do these tedious jobs and get them out of the way. My sister buys a lot of my Mother's clothes. Something always has to be altered and in her mind that isn't a problem since I sew. I really don't like to alter, though.



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