Thursday, September 17, 2009

A short and black golden goddess gown - the Donna Karan Infinity dress

DK Infinity Dress
Originally uploaded by Sharon Sews
Really? $895?

I think I'll just sew the Golden Goddess Gown in a gorgeous black knit and cut it off at the knee. With even more ways to wear the dress!

Actually, this looks like it might have some pleating going on in the front? Can't tell for sure. I'll have to try and find this online.

Anyway, this was in MORE magazine, October 2009 issue, page 32, under the Now! section. Pin It


  1. If you find the pattern, let us know. It's cute!

    1. Here you go.

      The donna Karen dress looks almost exactly like this one, except for the pleating which I am certain you can add yourself.

  2. $895 for a bit of jersey??? Thanks for linking back to the old post - I had forgotten about that dress. I have bookmarked it now :)

  3. I'm certain you can make this and look gorgeous wearing it! I like the view with the crossover straps in front? I believe it's the first picture. You found a most elegant and timeless look for a pattern.

  4. I went and looked, and it's actually view #2. Very pretty!

  5. Anonymous1:07 PM

    I made this dress in the 70's and loved it. (I was young and skinny then, lol) Once I wore it to a party (alcohol was served) every time I went to the bathroom I changed the dress around!! had a great laugh that nite!!!!

  6. Very beautiful dress. I love finding dress

  7. love anything so simple. the little black dress will continue on

    forever. at 76 I remember the day lol. oma of the mnts

  8. The golden goddess pattern is very simple 4 rectangles.. and a few more pieces. Its on Under 45+7 patterns for sewing dresses



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