Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just another black jacket

As I wrote a review on PatternReview (PR) for this jacket I realized that almost all of my recent sewing projects have been black. As in basic. As in dark. As in no color.

Perhaps its an outer expression of the inner blah-ness (is that a word?) brought on by this never ending bitterly cold winter weather we've been experiencing. The temperature was -25 F when I ventured out this morning and, while it did warm up during the day, it didn't quite make it to zero.

Then again, sewing all black items could be as simple as the fact that I have black thread in the machine and I've chosen my projects accordingly.

So may I present to you just another black jacket.

The latest black jacket to find a home in my closet is from McCall's 5756. It's a simple cardigan jacket with bust darts and a curved shape. The jacket is brought to life by the addition of trim along the front edge.

One of the great things about this pattern is that it is one of McCall's made-for-you patterns. The made-for-you is McCall's line of patterns that have separate pattern pieces for A/B, C and D cup sizes.

The knit is a black ponte knit from Hancock's - a dream to sew with and I wish I would have picked up more when I purchased this last summer. I used a fusi-knit for the interfacing on the facings (front and neckline.)

Since the serger is still not working (and I don't remember to call for service until I want to use it) I finished the facing and bottom hem edge with a lightweight contrasting knit trim. Because it makes me happy to see an animal print inside my basic, dark, black jacket.

Now I know you're gonna ask about the trim. No, I didn't sew that white ribbon in that scrolling pattern. It's actually sewn onto black stretch lace - a find from SR Harris a few years ago. My original plan was to add the jewel stones as shown on the pattern envelope. However after placing them on the jacket I realized I would never wear it with those stones so I choose a basic black/white trim.

The full review - which, by the way, is my 150th review on PR, can be read here. Pin It


  1. Great looking jacket, the trim gives the jacket that little extra. Stay warm, we are going to be at 0 this week, a heatwave compared to your temps!

  2. Love, love the trim! It really gives a nice touch to the jacket. :-)

  3. Love the jacket but especially love the trim! You've made me take a second look at several new jacket patterns!!!

  4. Anonymous11:38 AM

    Hi, just found your blog, and I have to say, this is not "just" another black jacket. It's quite stunning with the trim.

    I'm freezing too, but silly me, freezing makes me want to sew with light fabrics in blues and greens with birds and flowers on them. Not too practical.

  5. Anonymous4:35 PM

    I would also say that your jacket is anything but 'just' another black jacket! The trim looks great and really makes the jacket!

    I have great sympathy for your weather, here in NZ we are in the middle of summer but I come from the UK and have spent a lot of time in Scotland so know what cold is like!!

    Stay warm :-)

  6. Love the trim on this jacket! Congrats on writing 150 reviews at PR.

  7. That trim is really cool and makes the jacket extra special.

  8. Very, very pretty one. The trim makes it special. I have heard all day about the north, my husband is a freight agent and had a good customer in Michigan, where trucks have been frozen in snowbanks. Yuk! I guess we Texans are spoiled, we think it's freezing below 40 deg. more than a day or two.

  9. The jacket is lovely- congratulations on your 150th review! Wow!

  10. With your talent, I automatically assumed you did the trim, too! Very sharp looking!

  11. Gorgeous jacket! Love the trim!

  12. Love the jacket! You're obviously an advanced sewer! Lucky you!



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