Monday, June 16, 2008

Retro 1972 Simplicity 9927 Jiffy Dress

While I personally didn't get much sewing done this past weekend, my overnight guest did.

Using an Amy Butler cotton print (fuchsia martini) and a vintage 1972 sewing pattern (Simplicity 9927) she sewed herself a summer dress.

A few hours of supervised sewing time and "Ta-Da!" she was busy modeling her fabulous retro halter mini.

She was thrilled with the dress - as well she should be. She looks adorable and she did it all herself.

She hasn't done any sewing for more than five years and I think she did an awesome job for a fairly new sewer.

I sure hope she remembers to add a lot of sunscreen before wearing this one outside for any length of time.
See? She's already busy contemplating what her next sewing project will be. Hee, hee - she's one of us now!

I've invited her to be a guest blogger here to tell us about sewing this dress from her perspective, so watch for a future post regarding the sewing adventures of a beginning sewer. Pin It


  1. I swear I had that pattern in high school! It looks much cuter on her!

  2. Looks like she did an awesome job...that dress is adorable. Tell her welcome to the club! Mary

  3. She did a fantastic job!

  4. So cute! She did a great job!

  5. Anonymous12:29 PM

    I love it!!! The print and design match so well!!!! Very cute!!!!
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  6. You're right, she did a great job! And congrats on successfully "corrupting" her to sewing, as my circle of friends would call it.

    Btw, congrats on the blogoversary! Sorry I missed it-- something went off on my feed, apparently, and I got 10 posts from you at once on my Bloglines today.

  7. What a cute dress and she looks adorable. Happy Blogoversary, I am with Becky, I received 10 posts from you today. Congrats.

  8. That is a great pattern, fabulous dress, and there's no way anyone's going to know that's vintage. I know I saw at least three similar (but not the same) patterns last night! Great job.
    P.S. - I got all those posts at once too.

  9. she and the dress are so cute! darling darling darling!

  10. Gosh im sexy...
    haha jk :]
    im flipping white.
    hehe it was fun at ur house



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