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A peek inside my sewing room - then and now

I really enjoy seeing how other people set up their sewing spaces, so I thought I'd share mine. Over the years, my sewing space has grown from a corner in a tiny rented apartment dining room to an entire room in our house. As I was sorting through photographs for a scrapbook project, I came across this one, from 1981, of my apartment sewing space. I may not have had much room, but you can see I already had begun learning the fine art of stashing fabric! I sure wish I would have kept that old green Kenmore... Over the years, the stash has grown as well as the space allocated to sewing. Right now, I'm so blessed to have an entire spare bedroom in our home that I am able to use as a sewing room. A few years ago my husband surprised me with a Koala cabinet for my sewing machine (an Elna 8000) as well as a serger (another Elna). Last year he surprised me with a fold down cutting table. When I needed more light in the room, he installed a new fixture with bright, daylight bulbs. The