Wednesday, October 31, 2018

A Rose Gold Sequin Maxi Skirt With Burda 12/2015-115

I love me some sequins. Although I usually wear them in small doses, like a sequin tee peeking out from under a blazer.  No more!  I'm going bold with my sequin maxi skirt!
Burda 12 2015 #115 sequin maxi skirt
I love how the light shimmers off of the skirt.
Burda 12 2015 #115 sequin maxi skirt  on Sharon Sews blog
 The skirt is a faux wrap, which is only apparent when I walk.
Burda 12 2015 #115 sequin maxi skirt
The fabric is a beautiful rose-gold baby sequin knit I ordered from Fabric Mart Fabrics. I originally planned to sew myself a pair of wide-leg pants.  However, after placing the order Fabric Mart emailed me to let me know the fabric was flawed (and the price would be reduced, yay!)  Because of the flaw, I scrapped the idea of pants and decided to try this maxi skirt instead. And I'm so happy I did!

The skirt is BurdaStyle 12/2015 #115, which can be purchased and downloaded here.  Here's the pic from the website.
Burda 12 2015 #115 sequin maxi skirt  from

 It's hard to tell from the photo, but the skirt has a yoke, waistband, and back zip.
Burda 12 2015 #115 sequin maxi skirt  line drawing from

Because my fabric is so sheer I decided to add a half lining. I even had the perfect color of silk charmeuse in my stash.  I was able to treat the sequin fabric like a knit. I had no problems sewing it on my sewing machine, and ended up finishing the seams with my serger.  I only had enough silk to line it to just above my knee.
Burda 12 2015 #115 sequin maxi skirt inside lining
Each of the two front skirt pieces fold back to form a facing.  The two pieces then overlap one another to create the faux wrap. It overlaps enough that I don't need to be concerned about the skirt opening up and exposing more than I'd like!
The waistband is 2" wide Petersham ribbon folded in half. I only had off-white and black ribbon in my stash and without time to order matching ribbon I choose the off-white. 
Burda 12 2015 #115 sequin maxi skirt petersham ribbon waistband
An invisible zipper is in the back of the skirt.
Burda 12 2015 #115 sequin maxi skirt petersham ribbon waistband and invisible zip
By the time I was done sewing this skirt I had tiny sequins scattered all over my house!  The floor in my sewing room was especially sparkly as so many had landed there while I was cutting and sewing the fabric. 

As soon as my skirt was complete, I modeled it for my husband.  Oh, if you could have seen the look on his face!  I was laughing inside as I watched him trying to find the right thing to say.

So maybe my husband isn't as crazy about my new sequin skirt as I am. But it sure does look fabulous!
Burda 12 2015 #115 sequin maxi skirt worn by sharon sews
 This is my October Burda Influencer project, and I received the PDF pattern at no cost.

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  1. I love it! Rose gold! Sequins! Wrap!

  2. It's FANTASTIC!!! I love that color (and that pattern!)

  3. I think your skirt is fabulous. Ah yes, I have seen the same look on my husband's face when I model a newly sewn garment.

  4. Oh my!! This is a bit of gorgeousness!!
    I wish I could embrace wearing sequins more readily. I think they are beautiful but not me?
    Can't see too well what you've paired the skirt with so please show me!

  5. That was me, Jude.

  6. This is gorgeous! - the fabric, the style.

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