Sunday, May 06, 2018

A Floral Beauty: Vogue 9257 Off-The-Shoulder Top

Spring has arrived! Many of you may agree that it was one loooong winter. In fact, where I live we had a major snowfall just three weeks ago!  However, the warmth of the spring sun has rapidly melted the remaining signs of winter and I'm enjoying being able to finally wear something other than sweaters, jeans and boots.
I sewed this pink floral beauty the beginning of April with plans to wear it for our anniversary dinner, which is near the end of April. I was at an out-of-town work conference the date of our anniversary and had convinced my hubby to come along with me so we could have dinner together to celebrate. Lucky me, he agreed. (But only because he able to ski while I was working.) And wouldn't you know it?  The day of our anniversary it was cold and snowy in Denver! Way too cold for this off-the-shoulder top.
 When we returned home, the sun was shining so I asked hubby if he'd take a few pics for me for the blog.  With an eyeroll and groan, he agreed. (Note to self: invest in a remote control and tripod to prevent future eyerolls.)  He says he doesn't like doing it, but then he usually has me laughing so hard I can't pose for a pic, as evidenced by this outtake.

The top is Vogue 9257, an easy-to-sew off-the-shoulder ruffle top, with lovely statement sleeves.
The pattern shows the neck and sleeve ruffles sewn out of lace, but I had this fabulous semi-sheer floral print that I wanted to use for the entire top.  If you look closely you'll see it also has some texture. I purchased the fabric a few years ago at SR Harris Fabric Warehouse. At the time I intended to sew a summer dress, but am glad I decided against that as I think it worked beautifully for this top.

The statement sleeves are fun, and not overly dramatic.
I don't typically wear off-the-shoulder tops, and debated about adding straps to this, but decided to leave it as designed.  I used French Seams and hemmed the ruffles with a narrow hem.
I'm really happy with how this turned out and hope to find many occasions to wear it this summer.

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  1. Very pretty and such a gorgeous fabric!

  2. So pretty!! I love off shoulder everything currently and this fabric is gorgeous. And OF COURSE it snowed after you made an off shoulder top! :)

    I find my phone + tripod and remote good about 80% of the time. It gets hard when there's too much contrast between the garments I'm wearing or when it's black.

  3. It's beautiful! I love the pink print and I agree it was such a long winter and I'm soooooo happy for spring!

  4. So, so pretty! We're all long overdue for temperatures that allow for spring clothing. Although, in my case, it will still be a while before I can lose the cardigans and jackets.



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