Monday, October 23, 2017

The Cape-Like Sleeve Top: Hot Patterns Deco Vibe Artemis Knit Top

This top technically doesn't have an attached cape (like my recent ones: the "Wonder Woman"cape top, and the Black Silk Cape top), but when I wear it, the sleeves feel like I have on a mini-cape!

The pattern is HP 1165, Hot Patterns Deco Vibe Artemis Knit Dress & Top, c. 2014.  I don't believe it's available for purchase from Hot Patterns any longer. I'm a member of their Facebook group and when the pattern was offered for sale earlier this year, I jumped on it.
I planned on sewing the dress from a panel knit purchased from Emma One Sock, but wanted to test the fit first since I haven't sewn many of the Hot Patterns designs.

The fabric is a sparkly medium-weight knit purchased locally at SR Harris Fabric Warehouse.  It was the perfect weight for this design. Any heavier and I think the sleeves wouldn't sit properly and the neck and hem band would be difficult to sew. The sleeves hang nicely with just enough drape and movement.  Something to keep in mind when choosing your fabric is that the wrong side of the fabric will show on the inside of the sleeves
The front neckband is top-stitched very close to the seamline. I had a little trouble keeping it straight where there is excess bulk (where the sleeve bands are attached to the neck).  Even though I used a very narrow zig-zag, a few of my stitches popped.  Next time I think I'll try the new Eloflex stretch thread from Coats and Clark.
I had one heck of a time trying to understand how to attach the sleeves!  I finally ditched the instructions, pinned how I thought the sleeves should be assembled, and stitched. 
The bottom is finished with a wide hem band. I'll eliminate that next time, as I'd rather have a regular hem.  The back is cut on the fold of the fabric.
There is a center front seam, which is difficult to see in my fabric. I believe the seam is there to make adding the "forward tulip wrapped"sleeve easier, as the front seam is sewn after the sleeves are added.  I think the front could be cut on the fold if you wanted to eliminate that seam, just be aware adding the sleeves will be trickier.

The only alteration I did on this one was a small FBA (full bust adjustment). Next time I'll increase the FBA slightly and do a small forward shoulder adjustment.

Conclusion?  It's a fairly easy pattern to sew, and a fun and stylish top to wear. 

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  1. Love those sleeves! What a wonderful top. Looks lovely on you.



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