Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Simplicity 1014: Drapey Tunic, Drapey Cowl

About a year ago, while browsing fashions at a local boutique, I spotted a basic black tunic with a cowl and sleeve bands in a contrasting fabric.  I was intrigued enough to try it on. While the price ($59) was not unreasonable, it was more than I wanted to spend. Especially when I realized how simple the construction was.

Oh darn, that meant I had to go fabric shopping...

Off I went to my favorite fabric stores. I purchased black ITY knit from Hancock Fabrics and a mesh print from SR Harris Fabrics and promptly set about recreating the tunic.

Just kidding.

Life got in the way, as it frequently does, and the fabric sat for a few months.  Lucky for me because during that time Simplicity came out with a tunic with a large cowl and contrast sleeve bands eerily similar to the tunic I wanted to recreate. Whoop! I  didn't even have to think about what pattern to use.
I sewed the tunic the end of summer 2015.  I photographed it the end of December 2015.  I'm blogging about it mid-January 2016. 

Like I said. Life got in the way. 

The pattern, Simplicity 1014,  features a large cowl that can be worn four ways.  In theory anyway.
If you're curious, here is the link to Simplicity's YouTube video showing the four ways.  

There is no way I could wear this cowl on my head. Unless I held my neck at a certain angle. And didn't move any facial muscles. And stood frozen like a statue.

But it kinda made for a cute photo when I tried.
I didn't add the neckline tie as I likely won't wear the cowl all the way down exposing my shoulders. This is as close as I got while we were taking photos. I may be smiling but it was cold out that day and I wasn't exposing any more skin than necessary!
The pattern review:
First of all, it was a quick sew. Which seems to be my sewing theme this past year.

I didn't make any alterations to the pattern, just cut it out and stitched it together. I cut and sewed my usual size and found the tunic has quite a bit of ease.
The sleeves are sewn in the round since the sleeve band is added to the lower edge of the sleeve after the sleeve seams are sewn.

The cowl is the last piece added. You're instructed to pin the cowl to the neck edge of the right side of the tunic and stitch twice. First in a 5/8" seam, and again 1/4" away from the first stitching. I was afraid that seam might show (it doesn't) so I stitched the cowl to the tunic using a French seam.

The pattern sheet includes instruction for a lettuce edge hem as an option.

All in all I like the tunic. This one turned out as I envisioned and I'll likely sew another. Pin It


  1. Love this tunic!

  2. Great looking tunic. Love the fabric combination. It is fun to try out the same poses and styling as the pattern pictures. Made me smile to see them.

  3. That's really pretty, Sharon. You look wonderful in it!

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  5. Stop being so fabulous, m'kay?

  6. This is wonderful-I love the versatility. I'll bet I could fashion something similar to wear in the summer as a fashionable sun protection garment.



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