Thursday, June 18, 2015

Vogue 9107 Colorblock Knit Tunic

This is Vogue 9107. The pattern is actually designed for "silk crepe, silk-like broadcloth, heavy georgette, matte jersey"but I didn't realize that when I purchased the pattern.  I just saw the design on the website and thought "oh! cute knit dress" and picked up the pattern without a thought of looking at the suggested fabrics.
I knew I didn't want to add a dart so I choose to go ahead and sew this in a rayon knit.   Instead of doing an FBA I added 3/4" length to the upper front bodice piece. I also did a slight forward shoulder adjustment and lowered the front neckline by about an inch. Because I used a knit I eliminated the center back seam and zipper. I didn't cut the bottom pieces on the bias.

Originally this was going to be sleeveless but oh my!  The armholes were so big!  I took the shoulder seam up by about 1/2" but I still didn't like how they looked. So I added short sleeves instead.  

By the way, the sleeves for this pattern are two piece. 
I cut and sewed my usual size so I'm not sure if the too-large armholes are due to the pattern drafting or my choosing a soft knit versus a woven fabric.

I like the simplicity of the design.
The shaped hem hangs slightly longer in the front than the back.
Sewing tip:  When I stitch neck bands I keep an eye on the left side of the band rather than the right to make sure the finished band width is even all around.
Overall, I like the top although I am undecided if I'll sew another or not.
I saved the best picture for last.  My little sewing buddy!  She is rarely allowed in this area behind our house (and never off-leash). She was excited to explore and was moving so fast from bush to bush that I had to scoop her up or I would have lost her in the underbrush. 
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  1. What a lovely top! I've had the "too-large armhole" problem, so now I always check the new pattern against a TNT t-shirt pattern before cutting. Glad that you figured out a "save".

  2. Ooh, this is really cute! Thanks for the tip on the neckband also. I hadn't thought of that before. Your sewing buddy is adorable too!

  3. Lovely top I like the colour combination and print n plain mix

  4. Lovely top! I recently purchased this. I like your tip about the neckband, never gave it much thought; it does make good sense as those neckband pieces particularly in knit get fiddly. My edges sometimes are not perfectly cut!

  5. I can always count on you to show me some really cute uses of fabric. I love the top and I just might need to purchase this patter after all.

  6. Love the color combo, Sharon! I think it looks great and would have thought it perfect for knits, too. ; )



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