Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hurry Up Spring! I Want to Wear my Vogue 8711 Knit Skirt

Spring has officially arrived. Well, at least according to the calendar.  I think someone forgot to tell Mother Nature as the ground is still snow-covered and temps are still hovering below the freezing point.

Even though I continue to don my down-filled coat for my morning commute, I have begun my seasonal closet transformation in anticipation of warmer weather.

As I unpacked my Vogue 8711 skirt I couldn't help but mutter to myself,  "Hurry up Spring!  I want to wear this skirt!"

This knit skirt was one I began sewing last year to help take my mind off of a late spring snowfall.

The beautiful floral knit fabric was purchased in February 2013 from Emma One Sock.

I knew I wouldn't want to wear a slip even though the knit was light-colored and would require one, so I underlined it using a tricot knit that I had purchased at a local thrift shop.  

Once the skirt was underlined the construction was straight forward.  Although there was a bit of bulk to deal with where the yoke is attached to the skirt front. 

I'm not a fan of tight clothing - and this is designed to be tight - so I went up a size in the hip area.  It's still form-fitting enough to dress up, but not so much that it's inappropriate for  the office. With the addition of a simple cardigan sweater and low heels I was able to wear it to the office on casual dress days.
The skirt was one of my favorites last spring and summer and I'm already looking forward to the first time I can wear it this year. 


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  1. Oh my! This is a lovely outfit that's perfect to welcome in the warm weather!

  2. Pretty skirt, I love the floral print!

  3. What a perfect skirt for spring! The fabric is fantastic.

  4. Your skirt looks fantastic! I purchased this fabric also and have yet to make it into anything. It looks like it does sew up well as a skirt. I never thought skirt when looking at this fabric, but yours looks great and lining it will help it wear well. Love the colors of the top and cardi with it.

  5. Beautiful skirt! The flowers are so cheerful, and the lines of the skirt are lovely.

  6. Oh, this is a beautiful skirt, I am with you come on spring.

  7. Very cute skirt. I finally found my sewing heaven here and I can't wait to get sewing. I hope to add a few of these skirts to my wardrobe, I just love the colors.

  8. Love the skirt and your accessories!

  9. What a great outfit!! I love the orange cardigan! Your color choices are so cheerful; and, with your coloring, I'm betting you'll look fabulous in it...nice work!

  10. Beautiful skirt.

  11. Wow! I love it in the print. The colour combination is delicious!



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