Sunday, January 26, 2014

McCall's 6839 - the Jungle January miss

I had such high hopes for this top!  Taking my inspiration from the pattern envelope cover, I choose to sew the view with the great back detail in a metallic animal print. You know Jungle January and all that..
The top went together beautifully and that back drape was so much easier to create than I anticipated. It's simply a separate pleated "facing" turned to the outside of the top and caught into the armhole seams. 

But oh my!  This front neckline is so odd! And even odder looking when one attempts a selfie and one is quite inexperienced with that technique. (Perhaps the secret to a great selfie is to do the fish lip selfie?!?)

As you can see, the pattern cover doesn't show the front view at all - only the back details.

To be honest with you, I never gave the front neckline much thought. From the pattern piece it appeared it would be a rounded neckline that hit about the collar bone. But now that the top is sewn it appears to be more of a bateau neckline which never works on my body type. 

I was actually testing this pattern as I anticipated using a knit I had purchased from Mood Fabrics (still in stock) and am very glad I tested it using this print first.  This animal print was only $3.95/yard (clearance table) versus $14/yard.

The only alteration I did was to add a small FBA using the pivot and slide method. Instead of a dart I added gathers along the sides.
However, I didn't take into account that I was using a more stable knit than what the pattern called for and probably could have benefited from a larger FBA and an actual dart. The top still pulls a bit in the bust area. I know many like to  wear their clothing that tightly but I don't.

I posted a pic of the neckline on Instagram yesterday (by the way you can follow me @sharonsews on IG) saying that I was planning on redoing the neckline to a scoop which would work better for my figure type.  But after thinking it over I'm going to share the Jungle January love and pass this finished top on to a friend.

So to recap, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fabric but the tops fell into the "did not work for me" category.


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  1. This is a beautiful fabric and so sorry it didn't work for you. The recipient will love it.

  2. Too bad it didn't work. It is suspicious no view of the front was shown on the pattern(???). Glad you were able to find a home for it.

  3. This may sound totally crazy but what if you turned the shirt around and tried it on backwards?

  4. Ok, I'm with Kyle- I'd try anything to save this cool cat!

  5. That is a gorgeous fabric and I know what you mean about the neckline. Shame it is too tight but sharing the love is a good idea.

  6. Very pretty and perfect for Jungle January. I agree, what about turning it around. BTW, love the Mood Fabric.

  7. Anonymous12:02 PM

    even with the minor issues, this top is beautiful. this pattern is now on my wishlist. thanks.

  8. Have you tried wearing it backwards?
    I think it would look good the other way, I have seen many tops that looked like that.

  9. Anonymous6:03 PM

    That fabric is awesome! Such a shame the neckline did not work... but someone will enjoy wearing it I am sure! I am off to find you on IG... I do like following fellow sewists! ~Laurie



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